Bengal Officer Caught In Mamata Banerjee-Centre Clash Gets Notice

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

 The News Cover: the officer in the core, of the latest flash point between chief minister mamata banerjee and prime minister reydar bodhi has been served noticed by the centre for skipping a meeting. that was chaired by the prime minister mr alapan bandyopadhyay retired yesterday. as begos chief secretary and was immediately appointed as the chief advisor to the state government by mamata banerjee. who had refused to release him after center ordered his transfer on friday, ashoka's notice put out last evening asked him to explain his absence from that very meeting on cyclone in bengal. the center has served notice under, the disaster management act and asked mr alapan bandyopadhyay there to respond within three days. now the governor of west bengal has put, out a tweet saying that in order to constrained by false narrative to put the record straight on the 27th of may. i talk urgent therefore on the phone it indicated there was a plan to boycott, the meeting by the chief minister mamata banerjee there was a plan to boycott bihar and officials of the prime minister's review meet. 

is what he has put out in a tweet now. we have the governor is alleging this that there was a plan to boycott that meeting by mamata Banerjee. the state versus center the political fight seems to continue well the governor of west bengal has been playing a political role and many would say going much beyond, his constitutional role or the role that he's supposed to play but in all of this this has become a political issue. and the governor is adding to the politics of it obviously at this point it's one person's word against another's the chief minister says she met the prime minister she asked for his permission and left. now the governor says there was a plan to boycott but obviously all of this is affecting the bureaucracy, and why is it affecting the bureaucracy because it's the former chief secretary who was given an extension for covid management in the middle of a pandemic mamata manager did not want to change your guard in the as far as the head of administration is concerned and in all of this you've seen now. 

the fallout of this is not only political in terms, of the acrimonious battle that we've seen between the tmc and the bjp but also in terms of center-state relations federal issues federalism because all of this at the end of the day moving officers from carders or moving them to central deputation is something that's usually done. in consultation and there has to be consultation, on these issues but in this case it seems to have been done completely unilaterally now. the center is saying in its showcase notice before earlier, it had just asked him to report to delhi. which he refused to do he then retired and was appointed chief advisor to the chief minister. now the center in a show called notice is saying, it's because of the meeting but this is something that mamata energy raised in a letter earlier she had she said. i hope the prime minister, i hope this has got nothing to do with our meeting at kalai kunda but the issue really is at a time. 

when there's a pandemic at a time. when there are sites there's a cyclone, that has devastated the state should this kind of politics be happening and mamata banerjee has said that this is only because the bjp hasn't been able to stomach its defeat in bengal. and they are going they are targeting, her but because she's won this massive majority they are. now targeting her officers including the chief secretary, who's the top most administrative official in the state. and this is something that's going to play out in the next few days, obviously we've not seen the end of this and a political battle is brewing between mamata banerjee, and narendra modi, and several a bureaucrat is also caught in the middle of it and also what you see is an ugly confrontation between the center and the state which mamata energy accuses prime minister modi of adding to and always adding to confrontation when it comes to bengal.

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