Amul calls for a ban on PETA

Thursday, June 3, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

 The News Cover: India's largest dairy organization Amul is calling for a ban. on animal rights NGO Peta this comes days. after petra gave a piece of unsolicited advice to Amul asking the company to switch to producing vegan milk a war of words soon broke out with PETA being accused of attacking Indian tradition Indian economy and Hinduism our next report brings you. the details to vegan or not to vegan that is the question that's triggered a war the cow is this war's Franz Ferdinand and these are the two opposing sides India's largest dairy organization Amul and global NGO peter. the story began seven days ago with this tweet and the attached later it addresses a mall's boss advocates vegan milk and accuses him of fighting veganism listen to this we would encourage them all to benefit from the booming vegan food and vegan market instead of wasting resources trying to fight the demand for plant-based products that are only growing. 

the advice was unsolicited and it was from peter, the NGO occurred the situation all the more before closing. the latter peter cited examples of the most competitors like nestle, and none and said that these companies are already profiting from vegan milk in other words a mole should learn from them and turn vegan too a mall is India's largest dairy organization it has an annual turnover of 38,542 crores rupees. which is over 5 billion dollars by 2025 Amul aims to reach a net turnover of one luck crore or 13.7 billion dollars. how by selling milk and milk products and here you have peter asking an Amul to say no to milk it's like asking a baker not to bake bread or telling a tannery not to tan skin or hoping that a brewery stops brewing beer it's milking a bowl goes without saying a mold did not digest. 

the later well it accused peter of trying to tarnish the Indian dairy industry. how many can afford lab manufactured food made of chemicals asked them all would you drink dog milk, peter shot back the ngo is being accused of attacking Hinduism and Indian tradition here's why buttermilk and ghee you see are a part and parcel of Indian food India is the world's largest producer of milk-producing an estimated 188 million megatons every year dairy. also happens to be one of the largest agribusinesses in India it employs over 70 million farmers accounts for one-third of India's rural household income, and contributes almost four percent to the Indian economy Amul says peter, wants to break India's self-sufficient dairy industry it has written to Indian prime minister Narendra Modi demanding peter be banned the NGO says Amul is a bully milk consumers have picked their side in this battle team kyle milk says vegan milk has a low nutritional profile we fact-checked it turns out it is mostly true. where do you think the cattle in the slaughterhouses come from ask team soymilk pointing at the dairy industry we fact-checked it again mostly true both sides are milking the situation we don't know yet how this war will end but here's what we can tell you no one should dictate what you should or should not eat unless that person's your doctor drinking milk is a choice, and so is veganism as bitter as it may sound India may not be ready for veganism yet so there's no use crying over spilled milk bureau report we on the world is one.

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