8-Member Indian Team In Dominica To Bring Back Mehul Choksi

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

 The News Cover: an eight-member multi-agency team from India, has reached Dominica on a private jet, from Qatar to bring back fugitive Mehul Choksi we expect fugitive Mehul Choksi to be finally be brought back to India. vivia we have accessed some exclusive important information regarding Mehul Choksi, and what our sources have confirmed to indie tv is that an eight-member team has already reached Dominica regarding this particular case the eight-member team consists of two CBA officers ed officers and also crp of personnel and also MBA officials the CBA team is headed by dhc stradara the ips officer. who is the head of banking security fraud cell of Mumbai CBI branch so she hits the pnb case so she is also part of the team so two CB officers and also two ed officers all these four officers are well worse with the facts of the "Punjab national bank scam" including Mehul Choksi case? so all these four crucial very important officials who are well-versed with the facts of the case are also part of this particular team. 

so what is the task ahead of this particular team? what we are being told by our sources that there are two tasks, that have been given to these four officials this particular team what are these two tasks one to assist the Dominican public prosecution service. the directorate of public prosecution Dominica will be presenting the case before the Dominican high court tomorrow. Mikhail Chokshi heaviest corpus petition, so this member these eight members, will assist the Dominican public prosecution service to present the case. so all these four officials will give the case regarding details to the Dominican public prosecution service and the Dominican public prosecution service will present the case. before the Dominican high court tomorrow. so on two preliminary objections what we are being told is that our government will be pressing the case one Mikhail Chokshi because Dominica themselves have charged Mikhail Chokshi with illegally entering Dominica so therefore though Chokshi is not a citizen of Dominica and therefore he cannot claim any fundamental rights therefore even this particular habeas corpus medicine is not maintainable. 

so that will be the preliminary objection this is task number. one what is the second task is a very important task that is to bring back Mikhail Chokshi to India. and what we are being told is that if everything goes as per the plan Mikhail Chokshi can be expected to reach India anytime. soon that's what we are being told what we are also being told is that it's just a matter of days so this eight-member team they will be staying there they will be bringing back. if everything goes by the plan this eight-member team will bring back Mikhail Chokshi to India the movement mail chokes reach India at Delhi international airport Mikhail Chokshi will be arrested by the central bureau of investigation. 

a detailed plan everything is set in motion all waiting for tomorrow's crucial hearing the preliminary objection India. will be making the case through the Dominican public prosecution service, before the Dominican high court saying that Mikhail Chokshi is not a citizen in Dominica therefore Mikhail Chokshi cannot claim any fundamental right including the Hebrews corpus. so he has to be deported to India, so that will be the main argument of India Indian officials. what we are being told is that this is a right opportunity for India to bring back Mikhail Chokshi to face the law of the land here because the movement if Mikhail Chokshi goes back to Antigua, he will again claim fundamental right again the complicated expedition process will begin that's where India is trying to deport Mehul Choksi and that's where we have sent an eight-member team and our agencies are very confident that Mikhail Chokshi will be reaching India anytime.

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