7,998 Cases Of Black Fungus In Maharashtra

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

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The News Cover: along with covid Maharashtra has now become the hotspot of black fungus. as well so far 7,998 cases of black fungus have been reported in the state. and 729 people have died, Nagpur, Pune, or Aurangabad, have reported the highest number of cases. and in Mumbai 45 people have died due to this deadly black fungus 82-year-old Shantaram Patil has been battling black fungus for the last 15 days. he tested positive for covid on the 28th of may and recovered in a week but he had to be admitted to lions club in Mumbai with high blood sugar and black fungus foreign 7998 cases of black fungus have been reported in Maharashtra along with 729 deaths. currently, 4 398 black fungus patients are being treated in the state black fungus cases are largely being reported from Nagpur, Pune, and Aurangabad. 

so far 1296 cases and 104 deaths have been reported in Nagpur 1187 black fungus cases have been reported in Pune with 90 deaths in Aurangabad 940 people were afflicted by black fungus and 75 died 483 black fungus cases are from Mumbai and 45 people have lost their lives, ent surgeon, dr Prashant kevlar from Mumbai considers the new strain of the virus to be the cause of the growing black fungus cases is aspect is children are also getting infected and in some cases, children have lost an eye due to black fungus or mucormycosis which is why there is a greater need to be alert about post covid complications especially in children.

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