"1 Crore Vaccines Per Day By Mid-July": Top Medical Body Chief

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

 The News Cover: as we know that we are in the midst of a ferocious second wave although it has been a betting now and if look at the data in the first week of April we had less than 200 districts which had more than 10 percent positivity and at the end of April last week of April we had nearly 600 districts in the country. which have been more than ten percent positive so testing testing testing, as well as containment, has worked in these six to eight weeks that we have done it six weeks or so we have found that today there are still 239 districts in the country. which are more than 10 positive 145 districts are between 5 and 10 positivity and 350 districts which are more than half of India nearly half of India is less than five percent positive. so we're moving in the right direction and this testing which has been ramped up and as well as the containment that has worked at the district level has worked however it is not a sustainable solution we have to find a mechanism how we have to ease our containment or lockdown and that has to be done very gradually and very slowly.

so it basically the opening up revolves on three pillars one the test positivity rate in that particular district has to be less than five percent over one week so the seven-day average has to be less than five percent that is the first thing the second point. is the vulnerable individuals that are elderly more than 60 more than 45 with co-morbidities should be vaccinated tremendously and their vaccination rate should reach up to 70 percent this is the second point and the third point is that community ownership for this whole program of covet-appropriate behavior as well as the care should be taken up by the community in a big way so so this is what are the three ways how we will gradually open up we have to remember that our vaccination is being ramped up and by December we hope to have the whole country vaccinated we are a country where only if look at data there is Pfizer and Moderna being produced by the USA have the sputnik produced by Russia have the covid shield produced by the UK and India have the synovitis produced by china have co-vaccine produced by India so India is one of the five countries which is producing vaccines.

if we were not producing vaccines imagine where would we be so there is no shortage of vaccine the shortage is what feel if want to vaccinate the country within a month so we are having we are vaccinating the country it is a large population the total number of vaccinations done in this country is nearly equivalent to the total number done in the united states the number of doses and we have also a large population our population is four times the population of the united states of america so we have to be very clear and have some patients have some patience why they by the middle of the year or early for july or middle of july or early august we will have more than enough doses to vaccinate up to a crore per day and we should be able to cover up this little if you're going from destination to a to destination b if you're traveling by car or by train sometimes there the speed is high sometimes the speed is low so you ultimately want to reach the destination in a limited time and that is what our purpose is to reach cover the entire population by december which we should be able to do so you have to have patience why i am saying patients is that the unlocking also has to be done very patiently guided by the amount of vaccination that has been done for the vulnerable groups.

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