West Bengal Election Result: Trinamool Crosses Halfway Mark In Early Leads

Sunday, May 2, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: now this is a developing situation, but the trends seem to be clear, now as far as West Bengal is concerned. what a spectacular win for Mamata Banerjee. and 'the challengers the Bhartiya Janata party' not being able to, cross the three-digit mark something that was predicted by Prashant Kishore, Mamata Banerjee chief strategist the bjp somewhere around 85 of course. the bjp is still very hopeful that they will be able to take this closer to 120 votes they feel that there are many of those swing seats where the margin between the winner, and the loser, is very little.

so there will be some swing or the other but if you look at the tmc's tally they're very close to their 2016 performance and back then they had no challenger. they had almost no challenger on the left and this time around despite having a formidable opponent in the Bharatiya Janata Party. the Trinamool has been able to manage 205. remember these are initial trends it's quite possible, that the real result may be a little different but how different one really does not know this broadly seems to be the trend money power of energy what's happening in Nandigram that's right.

A man thinketh in one short sentence all, I can say is it's turning out to be the cliffhanger of this particular battle for Bengal just now I have had reports come in of the 13th round of counting. in which energy has apparently crossed Adhikari's margin by 1453 votes, and there are more four more rounds, to go there are already some sources claiming that she is way ahead of him and beaten him but I'm just being a little conservative about the figures that are being hurled at me from Nandigram. 

so 1453 lead in the 13th round that's what I would probably go with at the moment this after suvendu Adhikari, was leading by something like 11000 votes in the 11th round so you know clearly the whole seesaw situation is sort of playing outright. now in Nandigram, and this is promising, to be or it is really a cliffhanger I mean imagine a situation, where the trinomial does brilliantly in Bengal. but the month of energy loss, I mean is that a situation that one can even imagine hopefully you know things will sort out just another three-four rounds to go.

so at the end of maybe another hour, at most, we should know what is what Nandigram has decided. Nandigram remembers subhindu Adhikari, is most infamous for his comments calling the month of energy a begum and talking about Nandigram turning into a mini Pakistan. after the elections should Trinamool win. I mean clearly, this is a make or break vote for Nandigram. we'll have to wait for the next four absolutely but whatever you may say for the curry to be in the lead by almost 11000 votes, and even now a very slender lead or a slender margin with which month energy has started to lead. 

now do you feel, this shows that this was an extremely tough contest for the chief minister? extremely tough still is well what a risk, she took I mean I'm sure she went to Nandigram full knowing, full well what risks she was taking, I remember on the 18th of January she was actually holding. one of her first campaign rallies at Nandigram. and that's where she sort of announced out of the blue that what if I fight from Nandigram, and you know it seemed like a terrific risk, I don't know if it was an entirely off-the-cuff decision, I'm sure they had studied the situation before in Nandigram but it was a gauntlet she threw down to shuvendu Adhikari.

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