west bengal 19,091 Covid Cases, 162 Deaths In Last 24 Hours

Thursday, May 20, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

The News Cover: number of daily deaths, has hit a new high in Bengal. at 162. over 19000 new cases, being recorded in the state in the last 24 hours. there is a visible shift in cases, which are being reported largely. now from 24 north Parganas in and also from Kolkata, the number of deaths rising, what exactly is the reason behind it. well that's one cause of concern about the ever-rising number of deaths today, it hit a new high of 162 as you rightly pointed out most of these deaths. have been reported from Kolkata, and not 24 Parganas, which is adjacent to Kolkata. the number of mortalities reported from these two places is 36 and 37 respectively.

the reason of course, is that you know the government says, that most of these debts an overwhelmingly huge percentage of these debts are because of the latent co-morbidities that are there in patients. who are getting admitted, and and of course that is one area of concern. that the government have been talking about there has been a reportedly you know. shortage of of of oxygen supply, in medical oxygen at various hospitals. that have been that are not just in kolkata but also in some of the suburbs, and also in the district there is also reportedly, you know shortage of life-saving equipment, like ventilator, beds, and so forth. which has which is now you know hit the ceiling in terms of the number of infections. 

which have already crossed 19,000 cases per day. you know for quite a while now so obviously, you can understand that all the hospitals are filled to capacity it is becoming more and more difficult. by the day to get you know proper hospital beds both in government. as well as in private facilities, not just in kolkata and its adjacent areas. but now also here also in the districts. the government obviously now focuses on not just increasing, the number of beds, and safe homes and also you know satellite facilities. where people with a low infection load can can be housed and treated and the hospital beds.

 can be used for more critical patients, but you know that today there was this this face-off, that took place between the center and the state yet again today. with chief minister mata banerjee alleging that, she was not allowed to speak and and most of the demands and concerns that the state has were not where she was not allowed to raise any of that the center however maintains that this was a meeting with the district magistrates and that's. how that's how it was planned so obviously you can see that there is a gap between you know the the center and the state the situation that the two sides feed as far as the covet you know challenges are concerned and that also includes supply of vaccines. so obviously this is the critical phase for bengal where where the situation presently looks pretty grim maria.

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