Very Few Deaths Among Fully Vaccinated Doctors But Many Wait For 1st Dose

Thursday, May 20, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

The News Cover: according to the Indian medical association 329 doctors have lost their lives. because due to covid during the second wave, since the 1st of April, while the Indian medical association has not shared figures of how many of these 329 were vaccinated. the IMEI president has said that based on the data that they've received not being fully vaccinated. is the main cause behind the debts according to him on an average. we are losing 20 doctors per day this includes all in government, private, and medical colleges, as of the 17th of may 244 doctors have died. in the second wave, out of which only three percent had been fully vaccinated. in fact, there's some interesting detail, which we can actually add to this it's unfortunate that, so many doctors have not been vaccinated in the numbers that really needs to be done. 

but in a study, which has actually been conducted by max hospitals, and this is important. the number of people at max hospitals across the country. who received both the jabs 13965, the numbers who got infected of the set six percent, of this 90 recovered at home 10 required hospitalization and one senior clinician had an ICU admission. and subsequently passed away, the point being that vaccination does work it really. depends on whether doctors and health care workers front line people did get vaccinated. 

in the case of the numbers being quoted, by the Indian medical association a large number of doctors, in fact, the majority of doctors have not been fully vaccinated. and that remains deeply problematic, even because now there is a lot more data, which is available on the safety, and the efficacy, of the vaccines available in India. there was vaccine hesitancy earlier on perhaps because a lot of the data was missing but the situation is different now.

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