"Very Disappointing... Unexpectedly So": Sonia Gandhi On Election Results

Friday, May 7, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

 The News Cover: also reflected on the party's very very poor performance, in the recent state elections, and Sonia Gandhi saying. that they were unexpectedly disappointing. I think that's the big question mark. while they both continue to put and attack. the government the internal problems within the Congress party. have failed as I speaking, to a few MPs. 

who are part of this they are going on as a business, as usual praising everybody, and the work that they're doing but the fact of the matter is that within the congress party? they need to address core issues, they need to see one way or the other how the party can be strengthened there has been as Mrs. Gandhi in her own word says.

 the results have been disappointing, the congress party. has promised close correction a cwc meeting. will be held but they yet not taking the bull by its horns and addressing the key concerns holding people accountable, for what is clearly the lack of accountability within the party election. after the election state, after they're failing some people need to be held responsible. before the congress party can pull up its own socks and attack others, clearly within themselves they need to be more relevant and that's the point that everybody's asking accountability.

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