"Various Flaws": Supreme Court Grills Centre On Vaccine Decisions

Monday, May 31, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

 The News Cover: well the government faced tough questions, about its covid vaccination policy, with the supreme court demanding to know. why there seem to be a discrepancy in supply for different age groups. why states had to pay more than the center for the vaccines, and how the center plan to ensure people in rural areas can access them. the Cowin digital platform the court was told the center expected to vaccinate, the entire population of the country by the end of this year but concerns were raised about the national vaccination policy. the functioning of the Cowin platform and the decision to allow dual pricing of vaccines. 

the top court asked the center, why it was providing states with hundred percent of doses required for the 45 plus age group. but only 50 percent of those needed for the 18 to 44 demographic on this story as well. but what details can you share with us at the moment, there are two-three important issues discussed. and debated in the long hearing the first issues of the vaccination policy of the government. the court was saying why there is a differential price, and also different policy as you rightly pointed out from above 45 and the center is providing but below 418-45 the state. 

l will have to procure, the vaccines from the manufacturing companies by this policy and courthouse. also said that earlier policies particularly on vaccination like polio and other things center used to procure. the vaccine and distribute to states, why not just this policy can be adopted at the same time port said there has to be a policy, there has to be flexibility in policy but at the same time port said the court is not going, to I mean to lay down the policy it's not court's duty. but the court said it's not slamming the government or criticizing, the government only said that this discussion from voices across the country can help the government to change its policy. anyway quota said that all the issues raised in today's hearing the center will have to answer within two weeks by filing an affidavit whether there is a change in policy what the government is going to do about that.

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