Vaccinators Trek Door-To-Door In Villages Along LoC In Jammu And Kashmir

Sunday, May 23, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

The News Cover: vaccinators are trekking for miles through hills and valleys to administer vaccines to those in the line of control door-to-door vaccinations in border villages near. the line of control in jammu and kashmir trekking through mountains vaccinators in boniya block. have vaccinated almost 100 percent, of those above the age of 45. most of the villagers near the loc have no internet access, and online registration is not possible. here the population is more than eighty thousand in Belarus, it is all scattered and hilly and it is very difficult the most of the area touches the LLC, and 60 of the population, is without internet facility. 

so to overcome these difficulties, we have decided and we started out their program for door-to-door campaign Kashmir, maybe facing severe vaccine shortage but this border area has achieved 98 percent vaccination of the first dose. for the age group of above 45 and what are they doing their health officials they're going door-to-door in these remote hilly areas between them Umar Shakeel, and ishfaq have administered over 10,000 vaccination. more than three months back they are waiting for the second dose, for more than two weeks now most vaccination centers in Kashmir. 

have completely run out of doses while the government claims that fresh supplies have reached. the valley and that vaccination has resumed three days ago the pace of vaccinations is abysmal with only 2500 doses, administered across 10 districts, in the valley per day. vaccine supplies to Kashmir are slow leading to uncertainty and cynicism among the population eligible for vaccination inadequate vaccine supply has overshadowed. the work of vaccinators in border areas who trekked for miles to safeguard citizens against covid with nazir Masood in boniya.

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