Vaccination 3 Months After Covid Recovery, Says Government

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

The News Cover: the government has said that if you have recovered from covid your vaccination. will be deferred by three months, so vaccination for coronavirus can be taken three months after recovery. that's what the center has said, so far there was no fixed gap for taking a vaccine in such situations the health ministry has accepted. the latest recommendations of negbac or the national expert group on vaccine administration for covid-19. what are the recommendations that the government has accepted? well, two important points, one of course is that the vaccination for those. who have you known been diagnosed covid positive? the time gap instead of four weeks. 

which had been pointed out, in you know press conference of the government by no less than the doc aims director dr Randeep Galeria. who said keep a gap of four to six weeks, now the government advisory. which has been now recommended by based on the scientist input the npga as it called has, now said it should be three months, that is 12 weeks. so that's, of course, come under strong criticism, because how can you know top-notch doctors stay four weeks and suddenly a science body says that it should be 12 weeks, is it being done under pressure. 

because of the fact that there is a shortage of vaccines, these are some of the important points. which needs to be addressed, I think somewhere down the line the government of India. will be coming under severe criticism, though dr paul, has been currently consistently saying this is based on scientific data. the fact of the matter is that within a span of four to five days. if a top-notch doctor of a reputed institute or of no less than all in the institute of medical sciences had said four weeks. how do you suddenly now extend it by another hp is this because of the demand-supply gap of the vaccine, that is one point but on the face of it, the government of India has accepted that the second of course.

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