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Types of VIP Security in India. Sometimes ministers, any Industrialists or any high profile people requires different types of security. In India...

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

/ by Avishek Bera


The News Cover: Sometimes ministers, any Industrialists or any high profile people requires different types of security. In India all these arrangements is managed by NSG, ITBP, CRPF, CISF and by other police officers Hey everybody! In todays video firstly we will learn that how many types of security is available in India. Which one is very strict and how others are different ? 

Secondly, who is provided by which kind of security ? and lastly we will learn that how this things are managed. Now, which person should get provided which level of security, and what else should be present in it all these guidelines are present in 2 places, first is "Blue Book" here security guidelines related to President, Vice - President and Prime Minister is mentioned. The second one is "Yellow Book". Here security guidelines for other VIP's and political persons are mentioned. 

Who is required which level of security is decided by the Home Ministry with the help of different Intelligent agencies. Just like this state government has also its criteria for the same. Now presently if we talk about only Central Govt's list there are 230 such people who are provided different types of security. This list is even increased or decreased according to the emergency. this is only the Central Govt's list, State Govt. has its own list so there are 6 levels of security cover - X, Y, Y+, Z, Z+ and SPG. so lets there functioning one by one. The very first one is SPG means Special Protection Group. 

This is an elite force which only provides security to the Prime Minister of this country. Now you just what would be the budget of this security? So in the budget for year 2020, 592 crore rupees has been allocated for SPG security. Out of which 145 crore has to be spent on modern security equipment and infrastructure Till 1981, India's Prime Minister's security was under Delhi police and the special task force of Intelligence Bureau. 

But after the assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in 1984 for strengthening the security, home ministry setup a review committee - Birbal Nath committee and by their recommendation, on April 1985 this special protection group was made. So as i said, the SPG category in India is only provided to the Prime Minister. So total how many people give security under SPG, is a CLASSIFIED information. In this level of security, SPG and NSG provides security cover to the Prime Minister. 

After this the 2nd highest level of security is Z+ security. In which 55 Security personnel look after all the arrangements. There are also 10 NSG commandos included in this 55 personnel. According to March 2021 Central list almost 40 VIP''s are being provided Z+ security. The information related to this security is also a classified information, so publicly the list is not available. But according to a speculation the peoples in this list are Rahul Gandhi, Amit Shah, Rajnath Singh Yogi Adityanath, Priyanka Gandhi, Ex Prime Ministers and countries other important and high profile ministers, judges of Supreme Court and High Court, Army heads and prominent personalities are provided this security. 

Government also has to pay a cost for providing this security. Like the cost of Z+ security is 20 lakhs per month and the cost of Z security is almost 15-16 lakhs/ month and the government pays this amount by tax payer's money There are such peoples who pay their own money for the security for ex- Mukesh Ambani, who himself pays for the different level of security he have. 

That's why when government provided "Y" category security to Kangana Ranaut then people asked the reason behind giving her the security and said that, well established celebrity like Kangana can reimburse her security and the money of tax payers should not be spent unnecessarily. Next is Z category security. In this level 22 security personnel are involved in which there are 4 - 5 NSG commandos and police personnel who provides security This security is provided by Delhi Police, ITBP and CRPF an escort vehicle is included in both Z+ and Z category security. 

After that comes Y+ Security, in which 11 security personnel are involved and 1 -2 NSG guards are also in it and on rotational basis 2 personnel security officers are always present with the person. The responsibility of this level security is mainly on CRPF. Below this comes Y category security. There are total 8 security personnel in it in which 1 or 2 commandos and police personnel are there and 2 personnel security is always present with the person on rotational basis and lastly comes X category security, in which 2-3 police mens are there Most of the people in India have X & Y category security. 

So this was today's article in which we learnt about the different types of security present in India. I hope you have learned some thing new today. 

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