Third Wave Inevitable: Grim Warning From Government's Scientific Adviser

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: well the government's scientific advisor in a press briefing just a little while back, has warned of the third wave, of covid. which he says is inevitable phase three is inevitable given, the high levels of the circulating viruses, what dr Raghavan, has said it's not clear on what time scales this phase three, with will occur this is terrible news given. the fact that India is just in the middle of phase two right now. 
and we are all suffering immensely, we should prepare for new waves, the government has said this on the surge in Covid. they've also spoken about the so-called India double mutant, it's called the b1.617 variant, which essentially has certain features which enable antibody. escape in other words the antibodies in other words. it's easier for higher transmissibility people, get infected much faster.

 and the vaccines themselves perhaps are not as efficacious. as they are in the original strain, and this is now believed to be something that is resulting in a large number of cases across the country. this has been confirmed by the health ministry today. two months after clinical information suggesting, the spread of this variant called b1.617 was reported by doctors in Maharashtra. 

and elsewhere coronavirus, to go from here a phase 3 is inevitable given the high levels of circulating virus. but it's not clear on what time scale this phase 3 will occur hopefully incrementally. but we should prepare for new waves previous infections and vaccines. will cause adaptive pressure on the virus. for new kinds, of changes which try to escape it and therefore we should be prepared by scientifically to take care of that.

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