The Pentagon's Secret Army: Pentagon operates 60,000-strong secret force

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

 The News Cover: the pentagon has a secret army of 60,000 people, who carry out assignments under false identities in person, and online according to an investigation by Newsweek. the report says that these soldiers civilians and contractors work under assumed identities and carry out top-secret domestic and overseas missions for the u.s government. the Newsweek report, says that this secret army is ten times the size of the CIA's clandestine forces, the force includes NSA agents cybersecurity experts, and special forces and is serviced by around 130 private companies it is supported by dozens of secretive government agencies at an annual cost of 900 million u.s dollars according to the report. 

this secret army specializes in cutting-edge espionage techniques and functions under a program called, signature reduction a department of defense spokesperson told Newsweek that signature reduction isn't an official term. and only describes measures taken to protect operations, this technique essentially gives the u.s deniability on sensitive missions should agents be compromised agents are highly trained and use sophisticated devices to carry out operations the Newsweek piece reported. those agents are taught to create mold and casting techniques. so they can alter their age gender and weight the Newsweek report says, at least 30000 of the united states, signature reduction forces, were special forces operating in war zones around the world from Pakistan to West Africa agents, also operated in North Korea, and Iran the ability to carry out stealth field operations is becoming a key priority for the forces of the united states. the problem solved anywhere in the world in 18 hours you understand what everybody's going through you.

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