The game is finally back, but the name PUBG can not be kept! What is the new name?

The popular Royal Battle game is coming back, but the name PUBG will remain a memory in the minds of the fans. Why not, the company is being forced...

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

/ by Avishek Bera


The News Cover:  As you can see, mediation is the way to go! The popular Royal Battle game is coming back, but the name PUBG will remain a memory in the minds of the fans. The company is being forced to change the name of the game to come to India.

It is known that a new website called has been created recently. In other words, from now on PUBG Mobile India will be known as Battlegrounds Mobile India. This incident has given rise to speculation that everyone thinks that the central government has agreed to mediate either by changing the name. However, the government's information technology ministry has not yet made a clear announcement.

But how can you be sure that this new website is not a game? In this case, the name change of the official social media handle of the game has doubled the speculation. PUBG Mobile India's Facebook handle has also changed their name, it is now atBattlegroundsMobileIN. In addition to this, various employment posts for this Battlegrounds Mobile India company have been seen on LinkedIn. These jobs include Senior Marketing Manager, Product Manager, Public Affairs and Government Relations Manager, Associate Director, Legal Counsel.

This is not the end. The poster of this new Battlegrounds Mobile India game has also been released. There is also a large text - Coming Soon. On the basis of all this, the speculation is strong - the company will announce the return of the new name of the game any day.

Not to mention an incident a few days ago in this context. It was also deleted by uploading a teaser to game maker Krafton's YouTube channel in late April this year. Again, the company also uploaded a teaser on the official Instagram handle. Wrote that PUBG Mobile India is waiting to return to the country in a brand new form; Let everyone know the news to their squadmate as soon as possible!

Experts say - this is all a commercial strategy to launch the game under a new name!

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