"Terror Created By Mamata Banerjee Presence...": CBI In Narada Case Plea

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

 The News Cover: the CBI has made the west Bengal chief minister party to the Narada-related case. in the Calcutta high court Bengal law minister, and the trinomial mp Kalyan Banerjee also made the party. to this case, the names have been added in a plea for transfer of the Narada case outside of Bengal, this is a major escalation in this entire case that has been seen at least four two of the cabinet ministers presently in the month of managery government and two other senior leaders also spending. a night in jail, because of the recent sort of escalation that we've seen and progress. that we've seen by the CBI on this front chief minister's office included and now also asking for the case to be transferred out of West Bengal. 

this is a serious escalation well not just escalation I've been reading the CBI petition for transfer, of the Narada case. and if you have a quick glimpse through it you could probably be forgiven for calling it a declaration of war now. why the CBI has gone and added Mamta Banerjee, the law minister molly, and trinomial mp Kollen Banerjee, to the petition as respondents you know they have sort of expanded on that in the petition and the reasons are to put it briefly you know. the terror created, by these three entities that's the word used terror created by the chief minister. who sat on a dharna at the CBI office on Monday and threatened action against CBI officials apparently under. the disaster management act and the epidemic act this is what the CBI is saying, in its petition apparently lawyer Kalyan Banerjee, who is also through mp he rushed into the CBI office and threatened officials with dire consequences and he came with a whole lot of other lawyers as well as for the law minister Mr Malay ghata he apparently was present throughout the day. 

at the bank shall court which is where the CBI special court is located in Kolkata and he was there throughout the day. with 2000 to 3000 supporters, the petition says which is why at the end of the day. they feel you know the CBI court gave the order of bail for all four accused, the CBI also goes on to say that the CBI was scared of creating. a law and order situation and therefore they did not ask for custody of the four arrested persons, at the end of it on Monday. the bail was stayed by the Kolkata high court, and that is the appeal that is currently being heard at the high court virtually and the CBI petition for transfer of the nard case from out of Bengal. is also being simultaneously heard but the CBI making a case for against, the chief minister Mr kalian Banerjee, and the law minister for intimidation terror, and so on it's a very strongly worded petition uh we'll have to wait and see what the judges decide.

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