Tamil Nadu Extends Lockdown For A Week, Announces Stricter Curbs

Saturday, May 22, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: Tamilnadu government has today extended the full lockdown in the state. by another week it is going to come into force from tomorrow, the previous lockdown was to end on the 24th of may let's go across to the big concern it is the state. with the highest number of cases, now in India and as we've seen in Delhi a lockdown has led to a drop in the positivity rate, is that what the administration or the government in the state of Tamil Nadu is hoping to achieve that's right at the moment although the stake tally is on the rise touching 36000 every day. 

has shown signs of decline and state has come down, to the 5000 range from what we saw crossing 7500 on the 12th, and now from 24th the government has further tightened the lockdown three major changes grocery shops, and vegetable shops, which were earlier allowed to function till 10 o'clock would not be open instead the government is arranging mobile outlets to sell fruits, and vegetables, they want people to remain completely indoors except for emergencies, like medical, or for attending to death secondly even private offices including banks insurance have been asked to work from home and thirdly people. 

who want to travel they allowed buses outstation buses, today and tomorrow to help people, who want to travel so that people, who are stranded or poor people? who doesn't have work in the places? where they are right now if they want to get back to their hometowns they can go of course many are critical of that saying this could actually lead to a mad rush in Pakistan need to spread off the virus of course now the tally across Tamil Nadu has crossed 2.7 lakh and tex. the empty Stalin says have recommended tighten up the lockdown to make sure the chain is broken and the government hopes this will help them to further strengthen the situation in terms of moderating people to go out and their focus would the coming weeks be able to break the changes statement says unlike other states Tamilnadu is reaching the peak late and so although other states have declined in terms of numbers they hope the coming weeks they'll be able to further effectively contain it.

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