suspended Tripura DM to be Investigated for Bad Behaviour

Saturday, May 1, 2021

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The News Cover: Did you see the video? Yadav became famous after this video went viral. In the video, he was seen raiding two weddings with police officials on 27th April. The raid was because the weddings had flouted the 10pm curfew. Yadav was seen aggressively talking to the wedding guests about the violations.

 When one person showed him the permission letter for the wedding that was signed by Yadav himself, Yadav tore the letter to shreds and threw it away. People were stunned by his behaviour. He assaulted the priest, the groom, and was seen yelling at people to leave the venue. He even interupted the guests who were eating and told them to leave immediately. The police even lathi charged a few. 

Around 30 guests were arrested and released later Everyone was very shocked by this. the DM faced major backlash from politicians and locals, Following this while many others supported the DM's actions as they were for the safety of the citizens. 

The bride’s mother, Sabita Deb alleged that, "I am devasted by what happened and will never forget it. I had never imagined that on my daughter's wedding someone would assault and arrest the guests. 

I am shocked by the misbehaviour and the day was completely ruined for me. Yes we broke the curfew rule, but the muhurat was for 11:30 pm, so we were all there. We did not intentionally break any rule. I am traumatised by his misbehavior." Many of the guests were detained for two hours by the DM and were released after the local police intervened in their support. 

The wedding rituals were completed later. On 27th April after facing a major backlash he spoke to reporters saying, “I apologise if anyone was pained by my actions. My aim was not to pain or humiliate anyone but my aim was to keep people safe from the Coronavirus. I am sorry.

" Opposition parties and the BJP lashed out at the State government and demanded action against the District Magistrate. On 28th April panel of two IAS officers was constituted to probe Yadav's actions. They have been directed to submit the report to the Tripura government.

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