Supreme Court On Election Commission Protest

Monday, May 3, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: the media must report fully, is what the supreme court has said. on the election commission's a protest, after the Madras high court's strong words, on the election commission. which was reported that the entire interaction, as reported by the media at that time in the election commission then went to the supreme court over it the madras high court on April 26 had said.

the election commission should probably be booked for murder. for not stopping political rallies for the elections amid a covid spike. the media cannot be stopped from reporting, any court hearing the supreme court said today. as the election commission complained about being castigated without any evidence on political rallies during the campaign, for state elections hearing, and where there are strong words from the supreme court also and also protecting the media's rights.

 in reporting exchanges that are going on in the courtroom, I guess it wasn't a very quiet interesting hearing today. which happened before justices chandrachud and yamasha basically the election commission came to the court. saying that it's being castigated without giving a chance, to it and how can the oral observations so senior advocate rakesh went on to argue saying that these murder comments were discussed in the media it has tarnished. the image and he said media should not be allowed to report so for that just says that it's a far-fetched view of the election commission you can't stop media from reporting. 

what's happening in the court? it's of public interest not only our judgments our observations should also be reported nothing wrong in it but at the same time that they said that the media should report it fully, of course, the judges said. that the election commission has done a commendable job it is conducting the free and fair election since independence and issue take it as a bitter bill and the right spirit judges also said I mean election commission replied saying that the rallies for the prime minister as well. 

as the chief minister, it has to be controlled by the state disaster management authority under the law. they have breached it but the blame is on the election commission but like the supreme court said that they will have to protect. the high courts for the vital interest of the judiciary and all organs in the democracy will have to work together and finally, they reserve the order saying that they will cause the balanced order by the end.

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