Supreme Court Judge Recuses Self From Hearing Ex-Mumbai Top Cop's Plea

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

The News Cover: a top court judge, that is a judge in the supreme court has recused himself from hearing. the Mumbai former top cop param bir Singh plea, the court hearing sings a plea, to shift cases outside Maharashtra. what exactly is the connection, why did this happen? and what is likely to be the impact of that let's understand former Mumbai police commissioner Singh moved the supreme court this is a second attempt to be filing a petition. he said that the inquiry officer, who is probing against the disciplinary action in other cases. he has been threatening him saying that unless he withdraws his complaint against, the former home minister more multiple cases. will be fostered against him, so he moved the court wanted the court to transfer all the cases out of Maharashtra. 

so that there can be justice to him that's what he claimed so today two judgment justice Vineet saran justice br gateway both heard the case but justice gaboi he said that he can't hear the case. he did not disclose the reason, why he could not hear the case? but one thing is sure the fact is he hails from Maharashtra. so maybe somebody connected with some other issue, so we don't know unless he officially reveals, why he is uh recusing or withdrawing from the case. we can't say, so since he is withdrawn now the two on that bench has said that this will come before another bench in which Mr gawai would not be a member so we allowed seeing whether the court will take up the case by the end of this week or next week.

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