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Sunday, May 9, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: India is going through the deadly second wave of the coronavirus. For a few weeks, there have been lakhs of people getting infected every day. There is a lack of hospital beds, medicines, oxygen cylinders, etc. Also, there are long queues outside cremation grounds. Let me tell you about some heart-wrenching incidences that happened due to the pandemic. In Bhind, Madhya Pradesh a lady was pregnant and went into labor. 

Her husband immediately took her to the hospital. The hospital official refused to admit her without the Covid-19 report. The woman kept screaming in pain but the officials refused to admit her. The woman lay outside screaming on the road in front of the hospital gate and gave birth to the baby right there. How shocking! In Andhra Pradesh, a 50-year-old woman had completed her CT scan. She was asked to wait for the report. Shockingly after some time she fell down and died. From the report, it was found that she was Covid-19 positive. 

The woman's son searched for an autorickshaw or ambulance to carry her to the cremation ground. However, nothing was available. At last, he decided to carry the dead mother himself on a motorbike. Since he would not be able to take the body alone, the son requested a relative to sit behind and hold the body in place. The son carried the mother's body on the two-wheeler for 18 kilometers to the cremation grounds. 

In Visakhapatnam, a one and half-year-old child were Covid-19 positive. There were no beds available in the hospitals. The baby was breathing from oxygen support in the ambulance and shockingly the baby died. Do you think there are only 3 such heartwrenching incidences, No? There are many more. So in order to keep yourself safe, Stay at home and follow the covid-19 norms.

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