Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra - Insanely Powerful

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.The next iteration of the S series handset the Galaxy S22 is expected to offer a host of new and significant advancements...

Saturday, May 29, 2021

/ by Avishek Bera


The News Cover: Despite the projected impending rise of foldable smartphones, the Galaxy S series is still the face of Samsung's mobile division. The next iteration of the S series handset the Galaxy S22 is expected to offer a host of new and significant advancements in various areas of smartphone technology. That includes an under-display front-facing camera, a continuous optical zoom with a variable focal length similar to DSLR, combined with Olympus sensor-shift camera technology. 

The Galaxy S22 lineup will again have a 5nm processor similar to the S21 lineup, but if you're thinking that because of the same processor nodes we won't see massive performance gains then you're mistaken because ARM has officially announced their new architecture for mobile with some massive gains both in performance and efficiency. ARM says the processors using the Cortex-X2 will get up to a 30% performance boost over 2021’s flagship phones (which use the X1) when other improvements like more cache are taken into account. Arm also says you can expect a 2x boost to machine learning performance over the X1. 

That's a huge improvement considering we're still in the same 5nm chip-making process. Arm has also issued a successor to the Cortex-A78, and the company is going with an all-new name in the Cortex-A710 which offers 10% improvement in performance, But a far bigger improvement is to be had when it comes to machine learning and battery life, with a 2x performance gain and 30% efficiency gain. Next, finally, after 4 years, ARM has launched the successor to the little cores, Cortex A55, and named it the Cortex-A510. These cores handle basic tasks and apps including your most-used apps that don't require much power. 

As an end-user, here's where you'll see a massive difference in the S22 Ultra. Because these little cores bring a 35% performance improvement, a 20% efficiency gain, and a 3x boost to machine learning compared to a Cortex-A55 on the same process which quite frankly is big if we're talking about a year over year upgrade. So overall, the Galaxy S22 would theoretically offer a 30% jump in single-core peak performance, a 30% increase in sustained efficiency, and a 35% uplift in little core performance. Another reason we're seeing this big jump in performance is because of ARM's new V9 architecture over the V8 that was launched a decade ago in 2011. 

Both the Snapdragon and Exynos chips next year will see this gain as both of them use identical architecture. The difference will be seen in GPU, AMD is finally making its debut on Exynos, and judging from the early benchmark it's going to give Snapdragon's Adreno a run for its money. With that said, here's the first look at the Galaxy Buds 2 that could launch alongside the Galaxy Z Fold 3 in late July. It seems the design is similar to the Galaxy Buds Pro rather than the original Galaxy Buds. 

Even the case has a rounded square design. As for the features, it will have ab improved audio quality and “active noise reduction or cancellation. Anyway, Ice Universe also mentions that the Z Flip 3 will weigh the same as the original Z Flip at 183grams. According to the info we have about the handset, the Z Flip 3 will be more of an updated version of its predecessors, rather than a completely revamped model. The inner display size is exactly the same, only the cover display is increasing in size ever so slightly. But the good thing is it's going to be affordable and might start at $999. 

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