Punjab CM Helps 10 Year Old Sock Seller

Sunday, May 23, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

 The News Cover: Punjab 10-year-old boy Vansh. Someone took a video of him and it went viral on Twitter. Have a look at the video. Did you see the video? The video shows Vansh hanging a box around his neck and selling socks at traffic crossings. When a person offered him money out of courtesy without buying the socks, Vansh did not accept it. He said he would only accept the actual cost of the socks if the person making a purchase. 

Another person sees this and calls Vansh to talk to him. The person while sitting in his car recorded the conversation. He questioned Vansh about his schooling but Vansh said that he quit school after the second standard. In order to support his family, he started selling socks on the street. The person posted the video on Twitter which went viral. 

Along with the people, the video caught the attention of the CM of Punjab Amarinder Singh. The Chief Minister wanted to speak to the boy personally. So, he had a video call with Vansh and offered the help of Rs 2 lakh for his family's financial difficulties. Chief Minister also spoke to Deputy Commissioner to ensure that Vansh returns to school.

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