prime minister Orders Audit Of Installation, Operation Of Ventilators Given By Centre

Saturday, May 15, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

The News Cover: prime minister Narendra Modi says, a high-level meeting to review India's coronavirus situation. and the vaccination drive the prime minister's ordered an audit of ventilators, provided by the government the localized containment strategies are the need of the hour is what our prime minister Modi had to say. the prime minister has instructed that testing needs to be scaled up further in areas, with high testing possibility rates as far as the country, of this high-level meeting that was chaired by the prime minister on the vaccination. 

as well as the coronavirus situation in the country, well they were the focus of the meeting, was very clear prime minister, was very particular about the rural areas of the country. because there's a real threat in the danger, that now corona is spreading from the cities to the villages. so the entire focus has to be shifted towards the villages that are the that was the focus of the meeting, with the prime minister held this morning at around 11 o'clock senior officials from various ministries were present in this in this meeting. 

the prime minister was informed that in early March, there were around 50 lakh tests were conducted per week, but now that has been increased to 1.3 crores test per week. now, so that means there is an enhanced capacity of testing in India, but it has to be enhanced more that is what the prime minister stressed he asked us just, you know not to be worried about the increasing numbers they said that there should be transparency and there should not be any pressure of high numbers showing adversity on their efforts. 

that's what the prime minister has told, the state, so this is very categorical and very encouraging a statement by the prime minister towards, the states because there's a tendency that tears are you know hiding the real number are not reflecting. because there are fewer number tests but the parameter says, that no this should not be done, in fact you know, there should be more tests. and the number should be transparent that's what the prime minister is saying. and he also talked about increasing the accidents applied towards the rural areas.

now the situation is very worrisome in some areas of states. where the large number of villages, which are affected are due to covid. and there's also reporting so that how the ventilator sent by the center. under the pm cares fund, they have been not utilized and they are lying in the storerooms or godowns and they have not been installed. so the prime minister said that there's an urgent need to audit, the real situation about these ventilators, and the state government should immediately rectify the mistake and if they are not working then they should rectify them and install them immediately right.

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