Police: 2 Accused in Bengaluru Rape Case Shot In The Leg Trying To Escape

Saturday, May 29, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

The News Cover: six people have been arrested by Bengaluru police, for alleged rape. and assault of a young woman, that was recorded on video and shared widely two of the accused have been shot in the legs police say. they tried to escape six arrests of four men, and two women, made by the police in Bengaluru. after a horrific video showing an assault on a young woman went viral, the search for those responsible went national, as it was initially not known where the video was filmed two of the accused were shot in the legs by police on Friday morning. 

police say they tried to escape the video caused widespread horror police say, the accused in the victims of the assault. were all from Bangladesh, and that it was a case of human trafficking they said the survivor of this assault was in a neighboring state and was being asked to help with the investigation police. as far away as Assam had tweeted out still images of four men, and one woman from the video promising. a reward for anyone who helped locate those they said was brutally torturing and violating a young girl it is believed that there are more people who are part of this gang and that they may be in Kerala.

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