Narada Case: Bail On Hold, Bengal Ministers Spend Night In Jail, 2 Leaders In Hospital

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

 The News Cover: in the nardar bribery case, has now been shifted to the presidency jail late last night. after their bail was stayed by the Calcutta high court, Madan Mitra, and Sohan Chatterjee, two of the arrested leaders. were shifted to the hospital around four o'clock, in the morning as both complained of breathlessness. the big question being why no area for suvendu Adhikari? who was with the thrill congress, and now with the bjp well indeed that is one of many questions that are you know that have come up after this whole dramatic development of yesterday. when you had four top leaders of Bengal, one of them a former trinimoon leader the other three senior cinema leaders all of them arrested, in this dramatic fashion.

 when you know a huge number of security forces went, with the CEI picked them up from their homes fairly, early in the day got them in and then, of course, the virtual hearing Mamta Banerjee is sitting at CBI for so many hours and hundreds of people protesting outside. the CBI offices many questions raised, including Madan mitra himself, raised this question that, why is it that all the trinimun leaders are being arrested. but none of the people named in the Narada scam, who have moved on to the bjp? they are not being touched one of them of course, is suvendu Adhikari the rebel trinimoon leader. who went and joined the bjp last December, and then fought at Nandigram. in the assembly elections and defeated mamta Banerjee. 

no answers to that question except that we are being told CBI has asked for permission, to prosecute him this they have asked of the Lok sabha speaker because suvendu Adhikari was a trinimoon map. when the episode the narbasting operation took place so the speaker of the Lok sabha has apparently since 2019 not given permission. there is a question of an ethics committee meeting, and the whole process is delayed, but now with the arrest of these four persons. that question has been raised again, and very very strongly the other question being raised first is whether the governor of West Bengal, had the authority to actually sanction. the prosecution of these four persons and is was he the right authority or should it have been the Bengal speaker. 

who was never informed about this matter? the whole matter is first in court right now. and the last we heard about the court proceedings is that yesterday after the four leaders were granted bail the CBI ranked, to the high court and urged that given the circumstances of yesterday. the whole trial is moved out of Bengal, and as part of that hearing, the high court said all four leaders arrested. must stay in jail, what we're hearing right now, is not just Madan Mitra and shivan Chatterjee perhaps in a short while from now even Mr Subrata mufiji and firada Kim the two who are still in jail they may be moved to the hospital because again both are fairly senior citizens and both are complaining of uneasiness. so we may shortly see all four of the arrested persons in the hospital, unwell because of the stress and age-related health complications.

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