Mumbai To Go Big With Drive-In Vaccination, Civic Body Gives 24 Hours

Thursday, May 6, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: all the zonal deputy municipal commissioners have been directed, in Maharashtra to set up drive-in vaccination centers in each administrative zone, within 24 hours. that's the information coming in from the BMC. the Mumbai's municipal body, drive-in vaccination centers, shall be set up on big open grounds.

such as Andheri sports club ground, various other grounds, like Shivaji stadium, Oval Maidan, Brabourne Stadium, mig ground, mca ground, reliance jio garden, and wanker stadium, this obviously comes after their initial experiment of a drive-in proved to be successful well. that's right in fact a couple of days ago, the first drive-in vaccination center was started in Mumbai. 

the other area and it received a massive response, in fact, a lot of people especially this I tell you for senior citizens and differently-abled people only so anyone above 45 and between below 60, or anyone between 18 to 44 that age group cannot avail this facility. this is only for senior citizens, only and this receives a massive response because a lot of people went there and it was a drive-in with no appointments, the registration was done. on spot itself so it received a massive response. 

looking at that we have decided to expand this facility across different donor areas. but also the problem right now is that it is there is a vaccine shortage. so any facility in Mumbai which is opening for vaccines you know for a vaccine drive there is a massive vaccine shot shortage even the bkc vaccine center. which is in fact Maharashtra's biggest jumbo vaccination center, it is running out of vaccines pretty quickly. so even if you are you know, it's good news that a lot of driving centers and are new centers for vaccinations are opening up. 

but the problem the key area is you know getting adequate stock of vaccine and that is something that is lacking right now. but however, people have given it a response for this drive-in facility. and looking at that only very quickly obviously two points of concern number one where are the vaccines? which you have raised and number two? is this only for senior citizens and not for others. and what are the chances of this being opened up for others as well? 

right now the first track center, which was open and just a couple of days ago. that was specifically only for senior citizens, and you know looking at that and if we are replicating the same model across different zones then it will be only for the senior citizens. and right now for 18 to say 60 that age group is not availing this facility.

because you know people who are differently able, and senior citizens, who do not! who cannot stand in lines and shoes for a long time in this facility? is for them so right now at least you can say that for them the senior citizens of this facility. is there but you'll have to see how it goes from here, and looking at the responses might get expanded you know for other categories.

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