MIS-C, Post-Covid Complication In Kids, Explained

Friday, May 14, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

The News Cover: first up let's understand, what exactly is misc? what does it, stand for it stands for multi-system inflammatory syndrome in children, most children. who become infected, with covid19 virus have an only mild illness but in children, who go on to develop misc, some organs tissue, such as heart, lung, blood, vessels, kidneys, digestive system, brain, skin, even eyes. become severely inflamed in most it is being seen in kids. between the age group of 3 to 12 years of age goes on to 18 as well in certain cases. now if you're a parent this does not get into panic remember. that misc still is quite rare and most children. 

who even develop this eventually. will get better only on medical care, it is only a small percentage of kids. who rapidly get worse to the point, where their lives are at risk. now, much remains to be learned about this emerging inflammatory syndrome. so if your child has any of these symptoms, going to tell you about getting help, fast if your child has a rash on the skin, is vomiting, has diarrhea is feeling unusually drowsy, or has an inability to stay awake has redness in the eye enlarged lymph nodes as well faster heartbeat, rapid breathing, redness or swelling, seen, in lips in a tongue in hands or in feet. 

a lot of time kids, can't describe. what they are going through but they just keep saying, that they're not feeling very well or they go extremely quiet that's a sign you have to look out for now. what causes misc, is still unknown but why some doctors are calling it an invisible killer. is because kids with misc test negative, for rt PCR and what's more often has been seen, is that they even have a good amount of antibodies. now this is a syndrome that can thus mean only be detected through symptoms. so parents or any caregiver needs to be extremely watchful but there is treatment, what is that treatment let's sort of familiarize you to that a little bit misc has to be reported urgently. 

treated aggressively the medical procedures that your doctor. might involve might have to do with tests, to look into inflammation in the body, that might lead to blood tests chest x-rays as well a heart ultrasound an abdominal ultrasound. as well doctors may provide supportive care for extreme in extreme cases, for symptoms, and may also use various medicines to treat inflammation in most children who become ill with misc. will need to be treated in the hospital in extreme cases, because doctors simply cannot take any risk some children. will need to be treated in intensive care units as well but remember every child, every patient, is different. so take the advice of your doctor, or your pediatrician before jumping to any conclusion or getting into a panic.

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