Migraine: Bring control, not fear

Migraine- a type of headache. People who suffer from this type of headache know how miserable life can be. Every moment of life is spent in unknown...

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

/ by Avishek Bera

The News Cover: Migraine- a type of headache. People who suffer from this type of headache know how miserable life can be. Every moment of life is spent in unknown terror - when the pain arises. Socially they can't do much according to plan. But there is no escape from this situation? While trying to find answers to these questions, I am trying to write about migraine pain. As always, I will try to provide the latest information on this subject.

What is the nature of migraine headaches?

Migraine headaches are different from normal headaches. Usually on one side of the head. However, it has been seen to be on both sides. People who are prone to migraines may experience severe headaches from the effects of noise, light, odor, air pressure, and certain foods such as chocolate, grapefruit juice, cheese, etc. Migraines, however, are not just a headache, they are accompanied by a few other neurological symptoms (such as sensations of light or sound).

According to the symptoms, there are many types of migraines. According to some people, if there are a few symptoms of migraine, it can be said that there is a migraine even if there is no headache. These are called atypical migraines. In some cases, this type of headache is preceded by symptoms called 'ara'. For example, seeing something different with the eyes, inconsistency in speaking, feeling different on one side of the mouth or on the hands or feet. These are called 'ara'. If there is 'ara' with migraine headache, it is called a classic migraine.

Ways to differentiate migraine pain from other headaches?

It is easy to distinguish it from other headaches if some of the symptoms are known.
The pain can last from 2 hours to 72 hours.
May cause nausea.
It may be difficult to look at the light.
• Excessive noise can increase pain.
It can be difficult to get up frequently and concentrate on work.
রা may have ara or premonition.
অন্য Another member of the family may have this type of pain.
• May have symptoms like 5-4-3-2-1. For example:
5 or more times the pain can last from 4 hours to 3 days. With at least one symptom such as nausea, sensitivity to light or sound.

What causes migraine headaches?

Hereditary problems: Congenital problems are a cause of most diseases in our body. Migraines are no exception. Congenital problems can have several causes.

1. Everything in the human body is controlled by genes. This genetic problem reduces the amount of serotonin secretion in our brain. That is why the nerves that control pain in the brain become active and cause pain.

2. Studies have shown that blood flow to the brain increases during migraine pain. At this time a type of protein is secreted from the blood vessels supplying blood to the lining of the brain. Which activates the nerve that controls pain and causes pain.

3. People with sensitive brains are at risk for migraine pain.

4. There are some foods that increase the severity of migraine pain after ingestion or if there is a feeling of mild pain, it can turn into a full migraine pain. Notable among them are the following foods:
(a) Chocolate
(b) Cheese
(c) Alcohol
(d) Cola drinks.

5. Migraine patients but also suffering from inflammation of the sinuses or suffering from a severe cold cough or cold; In their case, the incidence of migraine pain gradually increases.

6. When it gets very hot and the environmental conditions take on a steamy shape, the incidence of migraine headaches gradually increases. On the other hand, in winter, if the cold air is more or foggy conditions prevail, the incidence increases.

7. Hormone effects: Migraine headaches are more common in girls. Menstrual control hormones vary when girls start menstruating during puberty. That is why migraine pain can arise. People who have been taking birth control pills for a long time also have more estrogen. They are at risk of migraine pain. In many cases, migraine pain can arise in the menstrual cycle.

8. Excessive Anxiety or Stress: People who are overly anxious or under stress have different hormones in their bodies. That is why they are at risk of migraine pain. These patients also have high blood pressure, insomnia, and depression. That is why migraine pain can be triggered.
9. Eating extra sugary foods: When we eat too many sugary foods, our blood sugar levels rise, which leads to the production of excess insulin to control. As a result, blood sugar levels go down. In this way, migraine pain can start suddenly due to the difference in blood sugar level.

10. Sudden stopping coffee: A recent study found that people who are accustomed to regular caffeinated beverages may start migraine pain if they suddenly give up or stop that habit.

11. Excessive noise: Excessive noise, listening to loud music, etc. can also cause migraine problems.

The benefits of exercise to control migraine

1. Exercise controls the body in many ways. Blood circulation is normal in all parts of the body. Increases heart performance, blood pressure is under control, diabetes is under control.

2. There are some great exercises for the head and neck that keep the blood circulation in the head and neck normal. Helps to sleep well.

3. Hormones are controlled by the body through exercise and proper sleep. Enkephalin increases the secretion of substances so that the stress is reduced and the tendency to stay normal in various stresses is created.

4. Studies have shown that people who exercise regularly have a lower risk of migraine attacks. Gradually a lot came under control.

5. Exercise increases the secretion of endorphins from the body. Which can reduce various types of pain in the body. We use morphine or pethidine medicine to control pain. These endorphins are their homologous and internal substances.

Rules for exercising in migraine pain:

1. If you start exercising suddenly, your body will suddenly need extra oxygen which is not good.

2. You may have a blood glucose crisis during exercise. In that case, you can eat something light.

3. Your water vacuum may be created during exercise. So it is better to drink the same amount of water before exercise.

4. It is better not to do extra stress exercises in the first place.

5. Save a diary. Write down whether your migraine attack is changing with exercise.
. Prepare before you start exercising. Keep with water and light food.
The following steps can be followed in the exercise-
* Eat
* Drink
* Warm up
* Wear light loose clothing.
* Plan
* Remember- nothing can be done that puts pressure on the body.

Which exercise is beneficial for migraine?

• jogging
• swimming
• cycling
Nausea in migraine pain.
Neck and head exercises

Neck and head exercises are very important and effective in controlling migraines. It keeps the muscles of the head and neck active, blood circulation is good, the joints of the head and neck are active. Sleep will be good. Normal neck and head pain will go away slowly. You will feel stress-free.

• Chin Tag: A very effective exercise for the neck. Keep your head and neck straight and touch your chin with one finger. Now tighten the neck and at the same time the chin will move a little towards the back. Stay like this for 5-10 seconds. Repeat the procedure 5-10 times.

 Press the chin from the bottom to the top with the thumbs of both hands and press the chin down so that the neck and head are straight.

 Press on the right side of the head with the right hand and at the same time press on the hand with the head so that the head is straight. Hold for 5-10 seconds. Do the same on the left side.

 Press on the forehead with the palm of anyone's hand and at the same time press on the hand with the forehead so that the head and neck are straight. Hold this for 5-10 seconds.

Lock the fingers of both hands and press on the back of the head with the part of the palm and at the same time press on the hand with the back of the head so that the head and neck are straight. Hold this for 5-10 seconds.
 Try to do the whole procedure in the morning and afternoon.

If you go to the doctor again with headache symptoms:

* headache is the problem with the eyes all the time
* with headache without convulsions.
* Feeling numb in any part of the body with headache.
* If there is fever and stiff neck with headache.
* Decreased memory with headaches, lack of body balance.

What is the treatment for migraine pain?

There is no approved medical treatment for migraine pain to date. Different types of pain killers are used. Prolonged use of these pain killers can lead to stomach ulcers, hypertension and kidney problems. So long-term use without a doctor's advice is not a good decision at all.
TMS: A modern treatment for migraine pain. It is used in developed countries. It’s not clear how it works. However, studies have shown that it works.

Things to do for migraine sufferers * Avoid migraine headaches.
* Try to stay stress-free. Share any topic with family. Work with advice.
* Try to do the exercises shown regularly.
* Go to bed regularly at the right time and try to wake up at the right time.
* Practice sleeping properly. Make it a habit to keep the neck and head in the normal position while sleeping. Use a pillow under the neck, not just a pillow under the head. Avoid sleeping on the sofa or chair.
* Adhere to eating habits. Avoid foods that can trigger migraines.
* Enjoy leisure time with your favorite things like gardening, singing, poetry, writing.
* Refrain from watching excessive or excessive TV or screen.

Remember that migraine cannot be considered an enemy. Instead, accept it and turn it into a good friend. Try to get used to the rules of migraine, not your rules. Then the migraine problem will not harm you but will be under control. Gradually the migraine pain cycle will change. The migraine will come under your control. Stay well, stay healthy.
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