Man Rescued By Navy Recounts Ordeal After Barge Sunk By Cyclone Tauktae

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

The News Cover: till about an hour back the navy, the coast guard, and other agencies that has had rescued a total of 317 people. who were stranded near oil fields in the Arabian Sea? it's been a real crisis as far as a couple of barges in which hundreds of workers of these oil fields used to stay. one of the barges a barge called p305 of ongc has actually sunk rescue operations are continuing, there but in just the last little while what we've been told is that about 130 odd citizens. who was on another barge have in fact been rescued the detail, of that is that all 137 crew have been rescued from gal constructor that's another barge and that there is no individual left. 

the Indian navy deployed warships. the coast guard deployed as well also several civilian ships operating in extremely dangerous conditions. the Indian navy has rescued over 150 people, who were stuck near the Arabian sea during cyclone torte and by one of the people. who's been rescued foreign people, who were stuck near the Arabian sea, of the Bombay oil fields, on barge p305 right now also you can see that you know some people have been rescued since morning there have been over 150 people. who already have been rescued this is another lot, which has come in these people earlier when we spoke to people who already have been rescued said that you know. 

when the cyclone salutes came around that's, when there was a hole in their barge and it started sinking these are the people. who was off the Bombay oil fields at the ongc and omg has also said that these there were people. who were stuck at they were stuck are just barge or p305, and the people said that once there was a hole on there in their birth that's. when water started coming in and that's when they you know wore their life jacket, and then jumped into the sea. so you can see that there are still people who are stuck in the Arabian sea and the Indian navy is, in fact, doing their bid to or rescue them and you can see that you know this lot which has come in just now, in fact, these are the people who were stuck in the Arabian sea and they have been rescued right now they will be provided medical aid by the Indian navy and this is the lot which was stuck in the Arabian sea because of cyclone tortoise and they have been rescued now and the mission of rescue is still going on there are still more people who are stuffed there and the Indian navy continues to rescue.

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