Mamata wins West Bengal but loses in Nandigram

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: On one hand where the cases of coronavirus infections are being counted in the country, On the other hand, on 2nd May the election results were counted from whose rallies the coronavirus actually spread. And the results are very shocking. If we talk especially of West Bengal, Everything predicted by the exit polls turned out to be wrong. Not one or two, all of the exit polls failed badly. They predicted that TMC would get at most 180 seats. But in reality, TMC got an almost two-thirds majority. 
Not only did they cross the 200 marks, But their performance also was better than in the last Bengal election. Not only the media, the Home Minister of the country, Amit Shah, had also predicted the result very confidently after every phase of the elections. After the first phase, he had said the BJP will win 26 out of the 30 seats. After five phases he had said that BJP had already won 122 seats. And overall he had said that BJP will cross the 200 marks. But this did not happen. Often politicians put across such claims to build up the narrative. So that there is good momentum in the elections.

 It's not a big deal. But there was one prediction where big stakes were involved. The predictions of the political strategist Prashant Kishore. He had said that BJP will not cross the 100 mark. The number of seats they win will not be in 3 digits. If they do win, he'll leave his profession. Not only did his predictions come true. But they came true at the time when the whole media ran with the exact opposite claim. After winning the election, he accused the Election Commission of a very serious crime. Generally, it is when parties lose the election that they blame the EVMs or Election Commission. But here, even after winning with a two-thirds majority, he said that the Election Commission tried its best to help BJP win.

 And this happened for the very first time in the history of the country. That the Election Commission was so biased towards a party. "With a blatant - blatantly partial Election Commission, We went through hell. They allowed - they gave the free hand to BJP to do whatever they wanted to do." He gave several reasons for this. First, stretching the election for 8 phases. Just take the scheduling of the election, 8 rounds, in the pandemic time, what made you do this? Only because you wanted to give more opportunities to the BJP leaders to come and campaign. Second, designing the election phases in such a way that in the first couple of phases the areas where BJP is stronger goes to the election. 
And in the areas and districts where TMC is strong, conducting elections in each of those districts in four phases there. So that no momentum can be build up. In the last, so many years, when a district was carved out in four phases? Just because the district was supposedly seen as a Trinamool stronghold. That district polled in four phases? Just because you wanted to have 4 seats, 5 seats, 10 seats so that no momentum can be built in favor of Trinamool. The bulk of the seats that BJP won in Lok Sabha went for poll early. Is it a coincidence? Third, using religion, all the religious politics used during the campaigning allowing it to continue. 

And not taking any action against those politicians that are politicizing Hindus-Muslims. If we talk about religious politics, then some people are still trying to drive a wedge between Hindus and Muslims even after this election. It is especially seen frequently by the BJP supporters. They're saying that the TMC's win in the election is because of their minority vote bank. That all the Muslims come together to vote for TMC. And these same people curse Hindus for not voting for their party. They wonder if the people know that the Hindus in Bengal are in danger. That all the Hindus should come together to vote for their party. 

This same strategy is used every time in every state. They believe that they can scare and fool Hindus to get their votes. But let me tell you the reality, friends. In Bengal, 70% of the population is Hindu. And if you see the vote share of TMC, it is almost touching 50%. By seeing this you might say that around 20% of the Hindus voted for TMC. But even simple maths doesn't show the reality. In many seats in the South West area of Bengal, the Muslim population is less than 5%. But see that all the seats there have been won by TMC by a large margin. This data clearly shows that labeling everything as Hindu or Muslim needs to be stopped. Even though BJP lost in West Bengal if you see the overall results of all the five states, Then it is not an embarrassing defeat for BJP. 
They have become the main opposition party in West Bengal. They had won less than 10 seats in the last election. Apart from this, the BJP Alliances have clearly won Assam and Puducherry. And reality, friends, is that this is more of a loss for Congress than BJP. Congress lost the States of Assam and Puducherry. And in West Bengal, they lost their role as the opposition. And in Kerala, LDF's victory was historic. For the last 40 years in Kerala, 

LDF and UDF have been winning alternatively. But this time it didn't happen and LDF won its second continuous term. This is also a big loss for Congress. If Congress really wants to win, then they need strong local leaders. It has been seen time and again in the last several elections. Wherever there has been a strong opposition leader, it was easy to defeat BJP. Be it Amarinder Singh of Punjab. Arvind Kejriwal in Delhi.

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