Lockdown News Maharashtra CM Extends Lockdown By 15 Days

Monday, May 31, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

The News Cover: now Maharashtra has decided to extend the lockdown in the state by another 15 days however this time curve have been eased for cities. that have reported a significant dip in the covet caseload as per the new norms essential service shops will now remain open till 2 pm movement will be restricted for 3 pm except for home deliveries and medical or any other form of emergency services, meanwhile districts with over 20 positivity rates will remain sealed Maharashtra on Sunday reported. a little over 18 000 new covet cases let's listen in to what Maharashtra chief minister udav takre had to say on the unlocked right, so that's the view coming in from Maharashtra, which is seeing a significant dip in cases and as now what we are seeing is that the state is planning an unlocked drive as those cases dip across the state name in places like Mumbai and Pune which were the epicenters of the covet crisis in the state but Maharashtra exercising a point of caution by extending the lockdown. but gradually easing those restrictions in those covered hot spots the state. 

viniya Maharashtra exercising a note of caution because even though cases are dipping unlocking. would be too premature because the situation remains delicate, well absolutely if you look at the announcement made by the chief minister yesterday the lockdown has been extended by 15 days but it's a relief for cities like Mumbai and Pune and why do I say cities because even surrounding these larger cities the rural areas have been seeing an increase in the number of cases that is why while Pune city may see some relaxations and some good news it is for a rural area which will have more restrictions primarily because the positivity rate has been higher. what has the chief minister said he has said that in places especially urban areas municipal corporations like Mumbai, Pune, where the positivity rate is lower than 10 percent and where oxygen bed occupancy is less than 45 percent in those cities relaxations will be given what are the relaxations Mumbaikars specifically can look out for they are that the timings of essential services shops will now be increased till two o'clock, which means earlier the shops. 

which used to stay open from 7th to 11th, will now stay open from seven to two o'clock it also means that on the basis of the orders of local administration non-essential shops will open as well but they will have to be in terms of the timing will have to be lesser than what it is for the essential services. which means even non-essential shops. you want to go out you want to do your shopping for five days of the week this will not be applicable for the weekend for five days of the week non-essential shops are likely to open but they will shut before two o'clock lockdown how does it continue in these cities after three o'clock in the afternoon you will not be able to move out unless and until there are home delivery people or there are people traveling for medical emergencies, or essential services everyone else. will be barred from traveling out from three o'clock in the afternoon. 

so these are some of the things that relaxation that Mumbai cars, can look out for government offices, can function with 25 percent of capacity. is what the government says now detailed orders will be issued at local levels by local administrations we await an official order by the bmc on this but we have already broken the story three to four days ago saying that non-essential shops specifically those related to monsoon and repairs will be allowed to open from the 1st of June also what will be a relief is that e-commerce, as well as home delivery of non-essential items, will be allowed so earlier if you tried to shop on several websites and wanted to order clothes for yourself or gadgets for yourself that were not allowed across Maharashtra now in larger cities. where the positivity rate is low you can order e-commerce will be allowed you can order for all these stuff that can come home.

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