Lack of oxygen supplies kills 24 patients in India

Monday, May 3, 2021

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The News Cover: the terrible cost of a badly failing health system, dozens dead at a hospital in Champa Nagar, district. their final moments spent gasping for air as oxygen supplies ran out other hospitals fear their patients, will meet the same fate hospitals in Delhi send desperate requests for oxygen supplies warning.

 that patients are dying, too often their please go my mother and brother had admitted here my father passed away on April 26th. I had to start working again for two days. after because the situation is so bad that we can't just rest at home outrage is growing over critical oxygen shortages. the supreme court ordered the central government to resolve Delhi's oxygen crisis within 48 hours. or be held in contempt "prime minister Narendra Modi" promised to fix converting nitrogen manufacturing plants, to make oxygen. 

we have created an oxygen generation plant. here it is a type of oxygen concentrator only with the greater capacity. we can give oxygen to about 18 to 20 patients at any given time more than a dozen states have imposed lockdowns. in a last-ditch effort to contain the devastation, it's been a horror week for India with 2.6 million new cases recorded, and the nightmare is showing no signs of letting up India's serum institute says.

 a severe shortage of vaccines. will continue until at least July disheartening news. for scores of Indians who've tried in vain to get a jab aid has been rushed to India from around the world, the French government donated oxygen generation plants. so an in-house machine like this which produces 24/7 is going to be a great help in augmenting.

the supplies, so that the gap between the requirement and supply can be bridged so this equipment, is life-saving. as of now but the sheer weight of numbers means the help, from overseas is barely touching the sides the past week has been India's worst since the pandemic began and health authorities fear.

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