Kerala Needs More Oxygen, Can't Give Other States: Pinarayi Vijayan To PM

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

 The News Cover: Kerala now where the chief minister there has written into the prime minister saying that. they have supplied to neighboring states oxygen buffer stock that Kerala had but that has now meant that Kerala as a state is now left with only 86 metric tons of buffer. he's also adding that it is impossible to allow oxygen to be taken out, of a state from the 10th of May to help manage. the crisis the state has ensured 450 metric tons, buffer stock without putting pressure on the national grid as well. and he points out that this is due to the demands from neighboring states that the buffer stock, was allowed to be transported in now buffer stock is at 86 metric tons, only the chief minister saying that he helped.

 when he could but now even he seems to be running down. on that buffer stock, well that's right in fact if you look at the figures that the chief minister has spoken about from 450 metric tons of buffer stock, he's now saying that they are left with only 86 metric tons of buffer stock and starting after today it will be practically impossible, to allow oxygen to be taken out of the state the oxygen. which is produced within Kerala to be taken out of the state, he's also said as of the 10th May the 40 metric tons for Tamilnadu. 

will be given but after 10th may it's going to be difficult practically impossible is the word. that he uses to be giving out oxygen. which is produced in the state out of the state now what does this also mean, why is this urgency Kerala is according to the letter Kerala, is expecting this cases to surge up to around 6 lakhs by 15th of may this against what seems to be around you know a little over four lakhs as of now. so that being a huge jump that Kerala is looking at and Kerala has also said because geographically it is very away from the steel plants. 

whether these vaccines are being produced sorry where these or where this oxygen is being produced and therefore he said that all the 219 metric tons of oxygen are produced. in the state should be allowed to be used by Kerala. that's another part of the letter and he said allocate cryogenic tankers, and that should be pooled along with the oxygen running oxygen express for all the southern states. including Andhra, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka, as well as Kerala. so this oxygen issue can be sorted and the need for oxygen can be met now so it's also important to mention that you know there was a close call in some of the hospitals in Kerala today in the castle boat district. 

where one of the hospitals had to shift out some of its patients, covid patients. who was on ICU ventilator support, they had to be shifted out to another hospital because they preempted that there could be an oxygen shortage, and after the patients were moved as they were being moved eventually 15 cylinders did reach, but this is literally the situation. now that some hospitals in Kerala are facing and these are the shots that. we leave you, of course, it started raining so the police and all have moved aside but empty roads on the street our medical shop which has been opened only essential services being allowed and across Kerala. 

we have been seeing that there is extensive testing, which has been happening sorry extensive checkings, which have been happening to ensure that no unnecessary or non-essential movement happens across the state Kerala's test positivity rate exceedingly it's only increasing it's crossed 28 so that also, of course, a huge concern right steha one question really at this point this export or perhaps the surplus. which was being provided to other states, with that stopping how is it likely to impact the neighboring states do we have an idea about that well that's also something which is going to be crucial to be seen because as you have it there are other states, that have already stopped the supply of oxygen. 

which is produced within their geographical boundaries to other states. so this is not going to be the first instance where this has happened but definitely despite Kerala gearing up, for what could have been despite augmenting the capacity of oxygen availability within the state for over a year. that's clearly not been sufficient and Kerala was asking for help with oxygen availability, even though it's been preparing buffers across districts. so now it has come ahead to the point where it's saying that after the 10th of may that after today it's going to be difficult to allow oxygen that's produced within Kerala to be taken out of the state. so that of course also going to have ramifications but it's not the first state to do this under this crisis.

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