Is The Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Worth The Hype And Your Money?

Sunday, May 16, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

The News Cover: 11 ultras, I have to say with this phone Xiaomi has done some very interesting things. so first and foremost the big question is that when a brand plays in the budget and economy category or even in the mid-price 15,000 even 20,000 rupees. that's what the brand gets associated with and then you want to play more premium. what strategies do you evolve, what business model, do you take so you stretch your price. you want to go up the price ladder the value chain thirty thousand, forty thousand, even fifty thousand rupees. some people have been buying Xiaomi phones for fifty thousand rupees, but seventy thousand rupees, that is a huge stretch look the phone is amazing, top of the line processor 12 GB of ram.

 top-of-the-line storage, absolutely amazing screen, second screen at the back which a lot of people are saying is a gimmick. I love that features great, camera big, battery it's got it all, but it's still my phone it's still a Xiaomi phone. so somehow I think it just really is a huge debate and we'll try and answer that we'll compare, this one but right now let's take a quick look at mi 11 ultras Xiaomi's journey, to the top hasn't been easily built on a legacy of value-focused devices. the company has taken a slow and steady approach towards changing customer mindset. mi 11 ultra is in many ways the first real flagship from the brand, to hit Indian shores, but a packed spec sheet isn't a differentiator anymore, so what sets mi 11 ultras apart, let's find out in the review of Xiaomi's flagship. the may 11 ultra is a distinctive phone, by any measure in fact looking at the camera hump you might think it's a camera attached to a phone you'll notice. 

three large lenses, but also a secondary display, this second display might sound like a gimmick. but it lets you spot notifications control, music, and yes use it as a viewfinder it certainly elevated our selfie-taking experience. from the ceramic back to the aluminum frame the excellent tactile feedback and ip68 rating. the mi 11 ultra is built to high tolerances you will, however, feel the hulking 234 grams, of weight in your hand the large 6.81-inch screen, is a thing of beauty it goes as bright as 1700 nits making it easy to see outdoors. it is hdr and Dolby's vision compatible, and the content looks stunning the media watching experience is further elevated. the well-tuned Harman Kardon speakers, these are some of the best on any phone powered, by a snapdragon 888 processor, and 12GB of ram. you don't have anything to worry about performance, the phone easily runs everything including the latest games cranked up high, but tends to get a bit warm to the touch coming to the cameras. 

the 50mp primary sensor is one of the largest in the business. and it delivers the goods the sheer amount of detail is excellent and the phone does a great job at managing. the white balance contrast levels no matter what the situation the natural depth of field of the sensor. gives images a dslr, like look and feel the large sensor also allows, you to get noise free images, in low light meanwhile the 48 mp ultra wide sensor captures, wide landscapes beautifully with ample detail switching, over to the periscope camera the mi 11 ultra manages, 5x zoom unlike 10x on the s21 ultra while xiaomi promises up to 120x zoom anything beyond 10x, just doesn't look too good coming to battery life things are generally positive the phone lasts a full day of active use with its 5000 mah battery, additionally the phone supports 67 watt charging getting you an almost full top up in half an hour though in india it comes with a 55 watt charger in the box priced at 69 999 rupees the natural competitor to the mi 11 ultra is the oneplus 9 pro and it is fair to say that xiaomi's foray into the flagship space is taking things very seriously the mi 11 ultra is coming all guns blazing with not just a better camera setup larger battery better 5g support but also cool additions like a genuinely useful second display unless you have a dislike for miui the mi 11 ultra is an easy recommendation for most flagship buyers.

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