Insult To Assam People": Activist Akhil Gogoi 'Manhandled' Before Oath

Friday, May 21, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

 The News Cover: news from Assam, where today all eyes were on the state legislative assembly. where all the 126 elected MLAs of the new assembly, were sworn in the buzz was about jailed activist Akhil Gogoi. who won from the sip saga seat he got bail for a day, to take off as an MLA but a video went viral, where security men who brought Gogoi to the assembly were seen pushing him Gogoi alleged governed protocols, were broken ratnadi Chaudhary reports, carrying Assam's jailed activist Akhil Gogoi escorted by cops in plain clothes and a few wearing pp kids, at Assam legislative assembly today. 

but day one as a new MLA Gogoi was in his characteristic protest mode alleged, he was manhandled by officials and security personnel a video released by his party went viral on social media, legislative assembly. as a newly elected MLA after he won the safe saga seat, in the recently held sandpiles he has been jailed since 2019 booked under uapa, and charged with sedition related to a case of violence during the anti-citizenship law protest in Assam. two years back the video shows some men pushing Mr. Gogoi as he reaches. 

the assembly for a three-day session that began today. where all the 126 MLAs opposition parties have unitedly claimed its high-handedness, this is really very unfortunate no one should be pushed around the law, should take its own course but it does not mean that anyone, who got his due privileges he should be pushed around. I will ask to raise this matter police sources say that they were maintaining law, and order duty since Mr. Gogoi is also an undertrial prisoner however Mr. Gogoi won't be a regular face in the assembly until he's granted bail his bail application was rejected by the supreme court and his case is now in trial stage tv.

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