Indian woman killed in Hamas rocket attack Israel-Palestine conflict escalates

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

The News Cover: 31-year old Soumya is from Kerala's Idukki district. She was living in the city of Ashkelon in Israel. She had been working there as a caretaker for an 80-year-old woman for the last seven years. On 11th May evening, she was talking to her husband Santosh who is in Kerala, over video call. While they were talking to each other, her neighbourhood came under rocket attack from Palestinian Militants. During the conflict between the Palestinians and Israeli, hundreds of rockets were fired. 

For protection against these attacks, Israeli homes had fortified rooms either inside or outside the house. However, the house where Soumya was working did not have a rocket shelter inside the house. This is why Soumya and the 80 year old woman had to run & were a minute away from a rocket shelter. Sadly they did not make it in time and were hit by the rocket. Soumya passed away but the senior woman has been hospitalised with severe injuries. 

Soumya's husband Santhosh's brother Saji said, "During the call, suddenly there was a loud noise & Santhosh heard his wife screaming. The call then got disconnected.” Santosh was very worried. One of Soumya’s relatives was also working in the area. The relative went to the house where Soumya worked and confirmed her death. The relative then informed her family. A total of 31 persons were killed in the violence. 

Soumy has a 10-year-old son, and has been working as a caregiver in Israel for the past 10 years. She last visited her family in Kerala two years ago. She was planning to return to Kerala two months later but sadly she has passed away. Many Keralites who are living in Israel are now very afraid over the conflict going on between Israelis and Palestinians. Ashkelon's Mayor Tomer Glam said, "The Iron Dome is a device that helps to intercept and destroy enemy rockets. 

The 31 casualties occurred because there was a technical glitch in the Iron Dome. The deaths were because the device was unable to intercept the rockets." Israel's ambassador to India Ron Malka Tweeted saying, "Our hearts are crying for Soumya's son that lost his mother. Israel conveys its heartfelt condolences to the family of Santosh."

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