Indian states out of COVID vaccines as daily cases near 400,000

Saturday, May 1, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: Monica gold, sits by her husband's hospital bed just hours after she lost her mother to covid-19. she's managed to find him oxygen but not the ventilator, doctors say, he needs my mom it's 5:30 in the morning today because of lack of ventilator. there was no ventilator, otherwise, she couldn't survive. now again he is he needs a ventilator, support doctor,' says two days'. I have tried, I don't know thousands of numbers across India. 

nobody is healthy, India's underfunded health care system. is collapsing, as it's overwhelmed by the world's biggest surge in cases, there are long lines outside oxygen suppliers around the country. this tension here is people waiting. the hope of getting oxygen, for their sick relatives some have been waiting for more than 12 hours. but with hospitals out of beds, and oxygen these suppliers, are many people's only bed began arriving from other countries. 

this week with the first cargo from the u.s, touching down, in New Delhi on Friday. the military plane was carrying more than 400 oxygen cylinders, hospital equipment, and nearly a million rapid tests, Us will also send hundreds of thousands of vaccines, and the raw materials needed to manufacture more. that's as many states say, they don't have enough doses, to start inoculating all adults, from Saturday. as planned we were preparing for the vaccination campaign. and we started mega campaigns, also we trained thousands of our healthcare workers, and doctors, etc. 

to start this mega vaccination campaign, but there is no vaccine with us health experts, say the government failed. to prepare, for the second wave of India. was lucky enough to have a 2nd wave, which was delayed compared to many other countries. out there, and we had a relatively long time to see, what has happened to the rest of the world?

in terms of how severe the second wave was, and unfortunately as a public health researcher, I sort of failed to see the kind of preparation that, I was expecting, that the government would be doing in the last year Monica says her mother wasn't a victim of covid-19. but a lack of preparedness by the government, and that she doesn't know what she'll tell her eight-year-old son if she goes home without his father. 

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