Indian Army sets up 2 COVID hospitals in Jammu and Kashmir

Saturday, May 22, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

The News Cover: the number of covid positive patients increasing across, the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir state-run hospitals are falling, short of ventilators, ICU beds, oxygen supply, and healthcare staff, here's a report on how the Indian army has come to the rescue of the state administration. in the fight against the invisible enemy the Wuhan virus, the Indian army has come to the rescue of the state administration the army has established a 250 bed Covid hospital in Srinagar a 20-bed covid hospital in north Kashmir's Uri close. to the line of control and restarted a defunct oxygen plant in Srinagar range area the army has set up a 250-bed covid hospital inside a camp. 

the hospital has ICU and facilities available with 7 doctors and 35 paramedical staff want to tell the people of Kashmir. that we are with you in the fight against covid, whatever is possible we will do it we have started this covid facility today. we have a state health department with us and we have established this facility with ICU bets Hdu x-ray and a laboratory, for the process of admission. is simple health services, will refer the patients and we will take them in this joint venture between army and government of beauty of genetic this is definitely going to ease the pressure from main hospitals like we have a fully functional ICU we have around 20 vertebrates. 

we have available in addition to those 20 ventilators. we have high dependence unit where we can give high flow oxygen to the patients, we have bulk oxygen slender plus. we have available oxygen concentrators, so definitely this is going to improve the patients the pressure on government-run hospitals in the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir is increasing with every passing hour and with intervention by an army of opening a covid hospital in Srinagar's run great area. it will act as a big relief for the Kashmir administration, as well as the medical staff the army has also established a 20-bed coverage hospital in the remotest area, of the Uri sector in north Kashmir this hospital has been set up especially for the people living near. 

the line of control this hospital, will have 20 beds all equipped with an oxygen facility there are five ICU beds while two ventilators have also been put in place it's a twenty bedded hospital with all twenty beds being oxygen having continuous oxygen supply we have two ventilators and five icy beds included we are in continuous contact with at stature we'll be getting patients that are being referred from civil when the civil hospitals get overloaded this facility will be thrown open to patients. 

who are referred from, the civil hospitals in the Uri sector while these hospitals and covid facilities are being established by the Indian? army in the Kashmir valley they have also managed to restart a defunct oxygen plant within a record time of four days. this plant has the capacity of filling 700 oxygen cylinders in a day. this will definitely take away a lot of pressure that the state administration was facing the repair team of 15 core zone workshop swung into action and we have been working with the civil rights recognition of the plant day. and night for the past four days, and today morning we have been able to make it occupational it is presently selling around 700 cylinders a day. 

which I believe is a substantial amount for the valley as of now as the plant was shut for the last four years it had multiple problems in all subsystems like the heavy-duty air compressor the chiller and even the culminar air separator. which are vital parts of the plant the army's engineers worked day and night to restore the plant we were told to repair this plant in the least possible time we got the material with the help of the air force. we are happy that we would be able to save the lives of people who require this oxygen if you are able to save the life of anyone in this pandemic it would be a lot to us it's restarted this oxygen plant in a record time of four days, and it will be supplying more than 700 oxygen cylinders to the state run hospitals.

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