India Sent Mehul Choksi Deportation Documents To Dominica: Antigua PM

Monday, May 31, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

 The News Cover: Mehul Choksi now and the CBI government is looking to deport him from Dominica. the Indian government is coordinating with Dominica as well, meanwhile, CBI and ed sources are indicating that the government has shared. the details with Dominica already and an easy opening to bring him back is already on the cards. rather disturbing pictures, if one can call them that of Mehul choksi behind bars his hands bruised his eyes red and swollen we understand that there is already the heaviest corpus petition. 

which will be heard in the country, there in Dominica to try and understand if his health is fine he's undergone a covid test as well. so two questions really for you, one what is the present condition of Mehul choksi and then this entire process that the government is talking about, what's the update? the fugitive Mahul chokhi had gone missing from Antigua from where he had taken refuge, he has placed in Dominica the nearby island and afterwards. the police had arrested the Dominican police had arrested, a post which his lawyer's legal team had moved the Dominican high court with the ages corpus petition hearing that particular petition. the Dominican high court has issued a restrainment order on removing mikhail choshi from the territory of Dominica and they are also asked him to be provided with medical attention. he was taken to the Dominica china friendship hospital for medical attention and he was also tested for the covey and the test report has come negative. 

so as of this moment he has been placed in quarantine and the medical treatment. is being given for the injuries, which his lawyer's teams have claimed to be and claim to be done by. the some of the objectives coming to the other point coming to the issue, what India is actually dealing as of this moment is that India what we are being told by our own sources in both CBI and also enforcement directorate they have already shared all the case related documents with the ministry of action affairs is handling this particular case. and they are in touch with the Dominican government, and also with the African government under the case related documents including the charities that have been filed against Meghan took in the Punjab national bank camp case. that is the 14000 crores backed case, have already been charged with the Dominican public prosecution the directorate of public prosecution service in Dominica through the minister of external office a private jet carrying the documents have already landed in has already landed in Dominican in the case.

 documents will be submitted, before the Dominican high court on banner coming. to the what we are hearing from our sources India actually India sees an opening an easy opening for the deportation of an American trustee because Mr Jose had claimed citizenship in Antigua and that's when India initiated a process of bringing him back to India from Antigua he had moved the court because he claims to have a citizenship of Antigua and therefore he is claiming that there is a fundamental right for him in Antigua but we have been caught in Dominica he does not have any citizenship. even the Dominican police itself has charged you for illegally entering the territory so in no way meghal Tokyo can claim any of the fundamental rights in Dominica that's why India is saying that this is the right opportunity for India to deport them because if it goes back to Antigua again. 

the entire complicated acceleration proceedings. will kick in which also involves the court but in Dominican is not a citizen. so he cannot claim any of the fundamental rights so India can easily deport him without, the involvement of the court so that's why the Indian government through the director of a prosecution service of Dominica is in touch with the Dominican government for the deportation of Miguel stokes that is hearing news, on June 3rd we have to June seconds we have to wait for the outcome of that year come on.

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