India records over 3.62 lakh cases, 4,120 deaths in a day

Friday, May 14, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

The News Cover: India continues to battle the devastating second wave of coronavirus. in the last 24 hours, India has recorded over 362000 new covid infections. now is the number of cases India has reported in the last one week India's covid figures, have decreased over the last week but the situation remains grim, as the virus has now entered rural India. now talking about covid mortalities India reported 4110 covid related deaths. in the last 24 hours even, as India's covid infection figures have reduced the mortality numbers remained more or less the same over 258000 Indians have lost their lives, to the pandemic until. 

now india has also ramped up its testing capacity exponentially since the pandemic began from 2000 daily tests in march, to 2000 and to over 1.8 a million as of as on the 12th of may in the past two weeks alone there have been days. when the number even exceeded 190 000 tests a day. but compared to other countries with high case loads india's testing still remains underwhelming while there has still been no national lockdown governments in 16 states. have put a complete lockdown, in place in new delhi, the ongoing lockdown. has been extended till may 17th southern states of karnataka, tamil nadu, and union territory of purucheri, are under a lockdown until may 24th all other states have either had a partial lockdown or covid 19 restrictions like night curfews in place. 

now india's second wave began in april, and the unprecedented surge in cases has burned the health care system. to a near collapse states are reporting shortage of oxygen, ventilators, another crucial medical supply. now the world is under the tentacles of Covid-19 pandemic india is one of the worst hit nations, in this second corona virus wave there has been an outpour of support and solidarity. for the southeast asian subcontinent all over and wherein veon's correspondent siddhant sybil engages in an exclusive conversation with australian high commissioner, barry o'farrell, which sheds more light on the bilateral ties between the two nations during the pandemic, listen in assistance australia has been sending to new delhi as it battles the covid pandemic. 

australia is standing with other countries. alongside india as it battles this second wave, and last week i was delighted to see the first essential supply of medical equipment arrive in new delhi, from australia. the first chartered flight from qantas bought more than a thousand ventilators, in addition to oxygen concentrators, and it was great to see them immediately handed over to the indian red cross for distribution, and at the start of this week i was delighted to be advised by the indian government, that the equipment was delivered to areas of need in orissa, west bengal, jakan assam, and bihar, and i want to congratulate all those involved with the obvious speed with which it came off the plane through customs and arrived in those states to help covid patients. and we can look forward to more of this because a second flight carrying additional essential medical supplies will arrive in delhi uh later this week.

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