ICMR Approves at Home COVID-19 Testing Kit

Friday, May 21, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

 The News Cover: Pune-based pharma company, Mylab Discovery Solutions has come up with a unique product. People who suspect they have Covid, have to go to a center for the test and then wait for the reports. Now you need not do that. With this test kit, you can test yourself at home. This at-home test kit is called 'CoviSelf'. Mylab team announced that on 20th May the Indian Council of Medical Research has approved the test kit. With the number of cases increasing all over India, the existing laboratories are overburdened and stressed. This at-home test kit will reduce the stress on these laboratories. 

It will help to save time as you can now do the test at home. They can now be purchased for ₹250 from local pharmacies or online partners. The test kit can be purchased without a doctor's prescription. Mylab currently produces 70 lakh i.e. 7 million test kits per week. Within 14 days, the company plans to increase its capacity to 1 crore i.e. 10 million tests per week. The company will start shipping out tests within a few days. I will tell you the process of the test. In the kit, there will be a nasal swab. Do not touch the swab. Insert the nasal sample up to 2-4cm inside the nose. Roll the swab 5 times. The kit comes with a pre-filled extraction tube. 

Pinch the tube and insert the nasal swab into it and swirl the swab ten times. Break the swab at the breakpoint. Close the tube. Add two full drops by pressing the tube in the test device. Wait for 10-15 mins. If two lines appear on the testing card on marker ‘C’ and 'T' it means the person is positive for Covid-19. If one line appears on 'C' and a faint line on 'T', it is still a positive result. If a single line appears on marker ‘C’ and there is no line on 'T', it means the person is Covid negative. 

If only a dark or a faint ‘T’ line appears, then the test is invalid. It means the test was not conducted properly. If you are confused, download the Mylab app on your mobile. Take a picture of the test and upload it to the Mylab app to analyze and it will display your test results. The test kit clearly shows the results of whether you have Covid. All those who test positive do not require additional testing. Those who test negative and are skeptical about their results may opt for the RT-PCR test. The test's efficacy is not 100% and has chances of false negatives. Mylab submits all the data directly to ICMR for further checking.

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