How To Use Masks Safely Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Monday, May 10, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: India for us now is coronavirus is spreading fast all across the world, and India it has caused now it is being said that we can expect the third wave and the third wave how bad it's going to hit us. we don't really know it but we ourselves can protect ourselves from that third wave and a simple way is a mask. we need to wear a mask and in fact, I would like to stress that you need to wear a double mask, wear two masks together, and the reason behind that is that there are many factors that go into making sure that the mask is effective. 

it should have a proper fit it should be made out of the right material. it should be made properly and it should be worn properly these are the points that you have to remember when you're wearing a mask. so this easier way of ensuring all this is to wear two masks, you can wear a surgical mask along, with a cloth mask or you can wear two cloth masks even that is fine but then you have to be careful. about what material you are using in these cloth masks, there are multiple masks available across the markets, even online, but you have to be a little careful. when you're buying one and one of the good ways of judging whether a mask is effective or not. 

a cloth mask is effective or not. is to hold it up against the light and when you put it up against the light, if you see light coming through that means it will have lesser filtration capacity so if you hold it up against the light and there is no light coming through it it's more or less opaque that is a sign of a good mask. with good filtration capacity, you should ensure that it has three layers in it which are also sometimes called three-ply. so you should ensure that that it has those three layers in it as far as the fit is concerned you should make sure that the mask fits you properly covers. 

this entire area from your nose to your chin and there are no gaping holes. when you wear the mask, so you should ensure that after you wear both your mask, when you double mask just put your hand. around the sides and blow out with a little force if you feel the air slipping through that means your fit is a problem. now if you're using an n95 mask, a simple thing to do is to wear it one day and not wear it for three or four days to ensure that after three or four days. when you wear the mask again it's safe, it does not have any coronavirus active, coronavirus on it now um washing the n95 mask is not a good idea. it reduces the filter filtration capacity of that mask to almost about 50 which is not good you're going to lose, the effectiveness of that mask so the best way of cleaning. a mask would be to just let it be in fact not clean it just let it be by say about three to four masks wear them one by one each tape and leave the first mask inside let's say a brown paper bag or in a place. 

where nobody is touching it and leave. it there isolates, it completely and after three days. you can go back to the first mask. so you have one two three masks and after you use all three on the fourth day. go back to mask number one and use that, so is these are a few tips that you can remember when you go outside step out of your house now remember the masks are more important indoors than outdoors so going out of the house the mask is important. but if you're stepping inside your office and working over there it is more important to wear the mask inside your office inside a bus inside a car that has been shared by multiple people inside metros, any sort of public transport inside a hospital inside of the shop these are the places. where you are at risk, of catching the coronavirus, so remember these tips and be safe.

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