Harmful Effects of Skipping Breakfast

Friday, May 14, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: Everyone knows that having breakfast is important. However, many skip breakfast and directly have lunch. The words 'Break' & 'fast' mean breaking the fasting state of the body in the morning after having dinner. Breakfast is the most healthy & crucial meal of the day many skip this meal and directly have lunch. This is not a healthy habit. Doing this on a regular basis will lead to health problems. Let me tell you about them. 1. Skipping breakfast can lower your sugar levels, causing stress. Eating breakfast will maintain sugar levels, destress the mind and increase productivity. 

2. Skipping breakfast narrows arteries which then reduces the flow of blood. This condition is called Atherosclerosis and is extremely dangerous. This is a result of skipping breakfast. A healthy breakfast ensures good blood circulation throughout the body and keeps the body healthy. It also prevents heart problems. Breakfast should be a healthy mix of good proteins, whole grains, fruits, etc. Items like brown bread, oats, eggs, etc must be eaten in the mornings to remain healthy. 3. Not eating food until lunch can negatively impact your overall mood. This is not good. 

It causes the mind to be distracted. A healthy breakfast ensures a good mood and a focused mind. A car requires fuel to start. Without the fuel, the car will not move. Your body is the same. Once you wake up in the morning, breakfast will act as fuel for the body and energize you. It will ensure a productive day. 4. A study conducted by the Journal of Adolescent Health proved that breakfast has a positive impact on the mind and improves memory. Avoid skipping breakfast and try to follow these points. Skipping breakfast will lead to health problems. Eat a good breakfast. Avoid junk food like vada pavs or fried food. One must eat healthy foods like fruits, milk, eggs, juice, etc. this will ensure you are healthy throughout the day.

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