Gujarat : ‘Cow Dung’ Therapy May Cause Black Fungus

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

The News Cover: Amidst the 2nd wave of the coronavirus, people in Gujarat fearing infection, have taken to a weird trick to protect themselves. You will be shocked on learning about it. In Ahmedabad, Gujarat, there is a cow shelter run by Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul Vishwavidya Prathisthanam (SGVP) and it cares for more than 200 cows. For the last one month, around 15 persons would visit the shelter every Sunday. These included doctors, nurses, people working at medical stores, and other frontline workers. 

They would visit the shelter and apply a paste of cow dung and cow urine on their bodies. After this, they would perform Yoga and hug or honor the cows at the shelter. Once the paste dries it is then washed off with milk. They did this because they believed applying cow dung & urine to the body would strengthen the immune system against COVID-19. Have a look at this video clip. 

Doctors were shocked and rubbished the claims. Dr. Mona Desai, chairperson of the women's wing of the Indian Medical Association (IMA) said, "The claims of Cow dung and urine strengthening the immune system are baseless. There is no proof to back these absurd claims. Cow dung is nothing but body waste. It is of no use. Instead of proving helpful, cow dung can cause a lot of problems. 

Cow dung contains many infections and can also cause Black Fungus. People are unnecessarily coming up with these weird ideas. If a person wants to strengthen the immune system against COVID-19, it is better to seek a doctor who will give tips on healthy habits. I hope people do not fall prey to such absurd ideas.

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