Field Hospital At India's Largest Football Stadium

Friday, May 7, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

The News Cover: salt lake stadium, will turn into a 250 bed, a covid hospital in a couple of days the youth hostel located in the stadium has been converted into a hospital. which will be manned by Amri hospitals, all beds, at the hospital are oxygen beds, with several ICU beds also available for the patients who need ICU care in India's largest football stadium. 

which has witnessed several historic football games is now all set to turn into a covid care center a field hospital for covid patients in Kolkata, we're at the salt lake stadium the Vivekananda o Yuva Bharati Srirangam, as it's called here and this is, of course, a stadium that is now being turned into a covid hospital. will be taken over by ambry hospitals as you can see it's been called. the amri hospital satellite center, and it'll house several covid wards, like this one now, of course, patients, who require care will be kept here you can see oxygen you know setups have been created.  

here all these cannulas have been set up, for oxygen, release so there will be oxygen piped oxygen supply, as you can see here and they will be given oxygen if they require one of the key requirements of treating covid patients at this point. is ensuring that they get oxygen in time, and if one can do that then a lot of patients don't require further critical care so obviously oxygenated beds are available at these wards. here at this field hospital but let's say if someone does require critical help, then what do they do well if a patient further deteriorates even after he gets oxygen support then they will be brought to this respiratory care unit where several other medical support systems are already in place and if I can show you.

the walls of course have pictures of India's sporting icons, and that is because this is still essentially a stadium that has been converted into a covid care center. these of course are several medical setups. you know that are required to treat covid patients, including monitors, and other you know devices that covid patients require oxygen cylinders also in place here. and this hospital is likely to be functional soon now Kolkata needs, to ramp up its capable capacity of hospital beds, given the fact that experts are predicting a massive surge in cases.  

after super spreader events during the elections but at this point, you can see the administration immediately after taking over the month of energy has, of course, indicated that she would be ramping up hospitals capacity to treat and tackle the covid. you know the crisis that the country, is facing which west Bengal expects also to be challenged by which is why several of these units have been set up. this is one of India's largest football stadium, the salt lake stadium. where these field hospitals have been set up and it's, of course, being run by a private hospital the amri hospital. which is actually just across the road. so it's just a satellite center a field hospital which is one of the key ways to ramp up hospital capacity during covid times in Kolkata.

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