Explained: What Is 2-Deoxy-D-Glucose Drug

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

The News Cover: drdo's new Covid drug. this is what everybody is talking about on WhatsApp groups, on other forwards everybody. wants to know if this drug is a bigger game-changer, as is being claimed now it's been backed by some of the biggest names in the country. dr reddy's drdo the drug controller of India has also given its clearance for emergency use, making it all sound very promising. but when is it effective, what is the science behind it? what is the evidence behind this drug usage? as well this is what we will break down for you on the show today. so let's get into her explainer first up, what is 2dg, well it stands for 2-doxy d-glucose essentially. a modified glucose the type, which so far has been used for some therapeutic value as an anti-cancer, and an antiviral agent, now drdo says it is to be used only as in juvent therapy meaning. 

it is an additional treatment to the already running treatment for covid 19 in the country, it is only to be used in moderate to severe cases, not the mild ones now this drug has been jointly developed by the drdo dr reddy's laboratory. and now has India's drug controllers clearance for emergency use. as well and the company claims that it can be produced easily in huge quantities. as well which is a big plus for India the drug essentially comes in a powder form in a sachet and is advised to be taken twice a day. after dissolving in water for at least a week, but what exactly does it do, now the claim so far is that it leads to faster recovery of patients hospitalized with covid it also claims that hereby preventing. the spread of the virus it does not just reduce the dependence on oxygen supplements but leads to faster recovery as well it also claims to work against all the mutants of covid 19. 

wondering how well sample this what exactly is the tick now remember I said that 2dg is modified glucose. so basically it looks like glucose but is not well the virus for multiplying fast in the body needs, glucose for energy when the virus feeds on this modified glucose. so what many called pseudo glucose the claim is that it will get arrested meaning, it will stop from multiplying at that same rate so you must be wondering, what is the evidence that this actually happens let's look at the clinical trials and what is that data throwing at us the evidence so far is that the initial experiments found the molecule worked effectively against star scope 2 then dr dodrl conducted phase 2 trials that was conducted on 110 patients phase 3 trials were carried out on 220 patients and at the end of those trials they concluded that they had a relatively higher number of patients become free from supplemental oxygen by day three of the dosage.

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