EU suspends efforts to ratify investment deal with China

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

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The News Cover: now in a concrete sign, of souring relations between the European union and china. the European Commission, on Tuesday, said that the efforts to ratify a massive investment deal with china have been suspended. this after tit-for-tat sanctions were imposed over china's treatment, of its wiggle population, march now the European Commission vice president, said that the current state of relations between Brussels, and Beijing, was not conducive for ratification of the deal. 
which is known as the EU china comprehensive agreement on investment. he added that it will now depend, on how EU-china relations evolve. the EU and China had approved, the controversial investment plan in la in late December, after seven years of marathon negotiations german chancellor angela Merkel pushed. for the deal as the Chinese market is important to carmakers. 

the pact was seen as an opening into china's market. which would benefit European country companies, if ratified it could lead to china loosening some of its strict rules, on foreign companies. it was also considered a diplomatic victory for china's leader xi Jinping. however, relations soured when the EU imposed sanctions on Chinese officials over their treatment of vigorous. 
in the Xinjiang province, china reacted in a tit-for-tat move imposed sanctions on members of the EU parliament, for now, comments from the EU Commission suggest, that while the pact might not be formally suspended. the desire for a deal with china certainly.

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