Ensure Timely Evacuation, Limit Power Cuts": PM Modi At Cyclone Yaas Meet

Sunday, May 23, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

The News Cover: prime minister Modi is reviewing the
preparedness as developing cyclone is set to cross the Orissa, and West Bengal, a course on the 26th of may home minister Ami-chan. now the ministers are also attending this meeting cabinet secretary Rajiv GABA was in fact, did in fact chair a meeting on Saturday. of the national crisis management committee to review, the preparedness of the cyclonic storm. about this meeting and what are the predictions for the cyclone well Rishikesh after this is the second biggest cycle, which is likely to hit India on 26th of May. this is what the Indian meteorological department has informed the committee meeting, this morning, and this cyclone is expected to cross west Bengal and the northwest coast by 26 may, and the speed of the wind is expected to be in the range of 155 to 165 kilometer per hour.

 which can gust up to 185 kilometers per hour, so it's going to be a very big cyclone once again. which is likely to hit India. in the next in a gap of a fortnight and that is why the prime minister has taken a meeting this morning, and all senior ministers were present in the meeting. and as you rightly mentioned that yesterday, the cabinet secretary had taken a meeting of the national crisis management committee, and the chief secretaries, of all the course of the states and duties and central ministries. were also present in that meeting of the CMC and today a prime minister was informed that ndrf has already been positioned around four to six teams. 

which are equipped with boards tree cutters etc. in five states, and in addition 30 teams are also being airlifted today. for deployment and they have kept 10 teams on standby and apart from that, the prime minister has directed. the senior officers to work in close coordination, with the state, and now also some ministries that have been sounded off like ministry of petroleum and natural case, and also coast guard and navy they have been alerted and telecommunications have also been alerted that you know. there should not be any gap or disconnection of communication so these are the steps that are being taken and the prime minister's reviewed the situation with the senior ministers today with the very latest so a lot of precautionary measures there have been put in place the prime minister also chaired a meeting and there warning of a storm surge of around two to four meters wind speeds between 155 to 165 kilometers per hour.


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